It is the policy of the Scouts to safeguard the welfare of all young people by protecting them from neglect and from physical, sexual and emotional harm. All members have a duty to report concerns or suspicions and a right to do so in confidence and free from harassment.

South East Scotland Scouts are committed to:

  • Taking the interests and well-being of young people into account, in all our considerations and activities
  • Respecting the rights, wishes and feelings of the young people with whom we work.
  • Taking all reasonable, practicable steps to protect them from neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
  • Promoting the welfare of young people and their protection within a position of trust.
  • An adult in Scouting also has a responsibility to ensure that they do not put themselves in a position where they could have an allegation made against themselves.

All adult members in Scouting who wish to work with young people, are responsible for putting the above policy into practice at all times.


During 2019 the safeguarding team delivered 21 courses throughout the region and trained 376 adult members. The team wishes to thank all those that attended and hope that they are putting what they have learnt into practice.

One of the main topics that delegates raise during courses was related to travelling with young people. The following guidance from Gilwell that is consistent with the Yellow Card Version 7 November 2019 is as follows:

  • An adult in Scouting cannot be alone in a vehicle with any young person who they are not the parent of
  • However, any adult involved in Scouting can transport their own child to a meeting or to a Scout camp.
  • An adult involved in Scouting can also collect a friend or another Scout on the way to a meeting/camp and drop them off on the way home, as long as they won’t be alone in the vehicle at any time with the young person who isn’t their child.
  • If an adult leader needs to transport a group of young people (i.e. more than one) to a Scouting event in their own vehicle, this is also acceptable, as long their insurance allows for this. But in these circumstances, they must ensure that they are not alone in the vehicle with any one of the young people. Therefore, make sure they pick up the group together and drop them off together.
  • In relation to activities outside of Scouting, if the child is involved in Scouting, the Yellow Card rules still apply. However, if the child is not involved in Scouting, this is a private matter.

Requesting a Safeguarding Course

It is the responsibility of the District Commissioners or ADCs Adult training to request courses via the Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator as and when they are required for their districts. Please provide a couple of alternative dates and venue. The courses normally run from 7.00pm to 9.30pm, weekdays and 2.00pm to 4.30pm weekends. Once the date and venue has been agreed the course will be available on the SES Scouts website for delegates to register. It would be appreciated if a screen (or wall suitable to project onto) is available along with tea / coffee and biscuits. The Safeguarding team require access to the facility 30 minutes before the start of the course to allow for set-up time. Note, if an adult member is unable to attend a local course they may attend a course in any of the other Regions in Scotland.

Russell Shoulder
Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator
South East Scotland Scouts