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Safeguarding training

Safeguarding training is a mandatory requirement for all adults in Scouting who are involved with children and young people.  Details of face to face courses run by the Regional Safeguarding Team can be found using our Adult Training section.  The Region recommends that you do the face to face course every three years to ensure that you are up to date with current thinking and practice, for example about accommodation arrangements. As a leader, you need to ensure that you have attended one of our safeguarding courses before you attend for your five-year review meeting. If your safeguarding qualification has lapsed, it is unlikely that a NAN or Adventurous Activity Permit would be agreed or awarded until such time as a face to face safeguarding course has been completed.

We do not recommend the online training because it does not give you as good or full a picture as you get from the face to face training. If you have to do the online training, you must discuss and agree this with your line manager (Group Scout Leader, District Commissioner, Regional Commissioner) or your local training team, that you will complete your ongoing mandatory learning requirement using the online training, rather than doing the face to face course.

However, The Scout Association states that if you have completed the online version for your last safeguarding training, you must attend a face to face training session for the next. If you complete the online training without informing your line manager, they may decide not to accept it.

The Safeguarding Team is committed to providing face to face training in any District whenever it is asked. We aim to provide at least two courses per year (more if requested) for each District.  Our Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator is Russell Shoulder and he can be contacted at any time for advice, assistance or queries about safeguarding and arranging safeguarding training.

Safeguarding in Scouting

We are committed to making sure that Scouting is enjoyable and safe for everyone who takes part. It is the policy of The Scout Association to safeguard the welfare of all members by protecting them from neglect and from physical, sexual and emotional harm. We are committed to:

  • Taking the interests and well-being of young people into account, in all our considerations and activities.
  • Respecting the rights, wishes and feelings of the young people with whom we work.
  • Taking all reasonable practicable steps to protect them from neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
  • Promoting the welfare of young people and their protection within a position of trust.

An adult in Scouting also has a responsibility to ensure that they do not put themselves in a position where they could have an allegation made against themselves.

All adults in Scouting, including members of the Scout Network, who wish to work with young people, are responsible for putting this policy into practice at all times.

What to do if a safeguarding issue arises

If you have concerns about a safeguarding or abuse matter, then:

  • You must follow the Scout safeguarding procedure on the Yellow Card.
  • You must inform your GSL or District Commissioner – contact details from the Regional Office, 0131 441 1878.
  • If you cannot get hold of them, you must refer to Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner – contact details from the Regional Office, 0131 441 1878, or using email .
  • If you cannot contact any of the above and the young person is at immediate risk of significant harm, you must telephone the police.

Where you can find help, advice and information if you have a safeguarding or abuse query

  • Your GSL and District Commissioner – contact details from the Regional Office: 0131 441 1878.
  • Our Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator, Russell Shoulder, can be contacted at any time for advice, assistance or queries about safeguarding.

Where you can suggest a young person might go for help or information

  • NSPCC Helpline 0800 328 0904
  • Childline 0800 1111

Safeguarding Courses

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator

Russell Shoulder

Safeguarding News

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Safeguarding Update

Policy: It is the policy of the Scouts to safeguard the welfare of all young people by protecting them from neglect and from physical, sexual and emotional harm. All members have a duty to report concerns or suspicions and a right to do so in confidence and free from...

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