Doing things safely is fundamental to everything we do in Scouting. 

It is very important that all leaders understand and know their responsibilities within the Scouts Safety Policy:

· Understand the Safety Policy and your responsibilities for keeping young people and adults in our movement safe.

· Be able to demonstrate how to assess and manage risk.

· Understand the role of the leader in charge.

· Know what to do in an emergency, and how to report incidents and near misses.

· Know where to access safety resources, activity rules and guidance for the safe management of activities.

· As an adult in our movement, you are responsible for making sure we deliver Scouts in as safe a way as possible, so never be afraid to change or stop an activity. Make sure you explain this to everyone and include the reasons why.

· You must know what to do in an emergency and make sure others are also aware, including young people.

· You have a duty to record and report incidents. Don’t worry, though – there’s a step by step guide in the Purple Card to help you do this.

· You must have an accident book in your meeting place and a record should be kept of all accidents that occur.

Remember, there are 5 steps to our Risk Assessments:

1. Look for hazards

2. Who might be harmed and how?

3. How are the risks controlled?

· Can the hazard be removed entirely?

· Is there a less risky option?

· What can be done to reduce the risk of people being in contact with the hazard?

· What instructions and supervision are needed?

· Is protective or safety equipment available to reduce risk?

· Don’t leave risk assessments on the shelf. Review them to make sure they’re still relevant and make changes when you need to.

4. Record and Communicate

5. Review and revise plans

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Russell Shoulder

Safety & Safeguarding Adviser