We are getting in touch with you ahead of this year’s Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) Election. This year we would like to make the election process as democratic and as youth-led as possible. We hope that you will able to help us and we have outlined some information below about how we hope to achieve this.

The SYP Elections will take place from 10am on Friday 15th of March 2019 and run until 2pm on 29th of March 2019. For the elections, we will be using an online voting system provided by the Scottish Youth Parliament. The online system will allow our young people to log on using a temporary number issued to them and cast their vote for their preferred candidate. When all votes are cast, the system will automatically provide the result. The results will be announced from 4pm onwards on 29th March 2019.

We currently have four candidates for the election; candidate profiles will soon be available to view. We will be promoting the candidates via our e-news, website and social media. The candidates will also be promoting themselves.

Early in March we hope to provide you with more information about the election and we will also provide you with enough temporary numbers for Explorer Scouts and Network Members in your District. We hope that you will then distribute these numbers to your members so that they can participate in the elections. In areas where there is no DESC or DSNC in post then we may need to distribute the temporary numbers to District Commissioners. We will also be communicating with Explorer Scout Leaders to highlight that they election is taking place and to encourage them to contact to you to help you to distribute numbers.

However, we are aware that sometimes when pulling off data from compass there may be Explorer Scout Leaders, DESCs, or DSNCs who do not appear within our search and we are limited in our ability to communicate with them, if you know of any leaders etc… who may not get this communication then please do pass this information on. We will also do our best to share on the numerous private Facebook groups such as the DC group and Explorer Scout Leaders group in order to communicate this as widely as possible.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about how the election will work then please get in touch with Janis (details below).  


Thank you,

Scott (SHQ Commissioner Explorer Scouts) and Janis (Media and Public Affairs Officer)  

Janis McCulloch
Media and Public Affairs Officer
Scouts Scotland

 My working days are Monday – Thursday

 01383 661053 | 07498997586