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Scouts fundraise to help the homeless

1st April was no joke for the 28th Braid Scouts when they carried out a Sponsored Sleep Out in sub zero temperatures behind their base at Mayfield Salisbury Church, West Mayfield, Edinburgh.

The 21 Scouts ( aged 11-14 years) were raising money to assist Bethany Christian Care in their work with homeless people and learning what it must feel like to sleep outside in a cardboard box during the winter.

Scout Leader, Alan Dickson commented: ‘I am so proud of the Scouts that took part in the Sleep Out. It was very cold but even the youngest ones were determined to spend the entire night outside .

Before we got underway making the shelters, I spoke to the Scouts about how the evening was going to be more than just an exciting adventure. Following a talk from Bethany Christian Care, they were more aware of the issues surrounding homelessness – how people become homeless, what it is like and what is being done by Bethany to help homeless people.

We spent the next couple of hours buried in cardboard and sticky tape – think of Blue Peter but on an industrial scale.

Whilst the Scouts were being given some hot food, the Leaders carefully moved the shelters outside and positioned them against the back of the church buildings in the rear garden to give maximum shelter.

Most of the Scouts seemed to have a good sleep. All kept warm despite the temperature dipping below zero at times and some proved difficult to wake in the morning (some Mums will recognise their sons).

Before we started the clear up process, I was able to update the Scouts on the current total raised which, together with the Gift Aid, broke the record for the most that we have raised for a charity in one event. Needless to say, they were proud and delighted.

Our target to fundraising amount is £5,000. So far, the current total is £3,700. Can you help us? Anyone wishing to contribute can do so via our JustGiving page. Thank you!

More about the Bethany Christian Trust

Ending homelessness in Scotland…one person at a time. Every year, thanks to people like you, we support around 7,000 people in Scotland. We work with families, young people, rough sleepers and people recovering from addiction. The need for our services is growing and your support is vital.

More about the 28th Braid Scouts

Part of the Braid District Scouts.

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