As 2015 fast approaches the end it is a time to reflect and to look forward. As I reflect on the year past I am amazed and humbled by the hard work, commitment and the amount of time adults in this Region give to our young members.

There are have been exciting weekly meetings, badges galore, outings, expeditions, sleepovers, pack holidays, camps, adventurous activities, visits abroad and lots of opportunities to do something different. All made possible by your efforts. Whether you run a section, support sections, work with adult leaders or support via the executives, thank you very much for all that you do.

The year ahead will be exciting. Cubs Scouting will be celebrating 100 years, the Blair Atholl Jamborette will welcome hundreds of scouts from different parts of the world, some new activities will be filling the Region programme and the Beaver Scouts will reach the big 3 0 !

However you spend the next few weeks and whatever you are celebrating I hope you have a happy time with family and friends and that the reasons for these celebrations don’t get too lost in the merry making.

Isabel McNab
Regional Commissioner