SEEE and DofE Update

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South East Explorer Expeditions (SEEE) is well under way with organising this season's programme. Some key points:

  • – 178 Explorers & Network members have now confirmed choices for their DofE Expedition section with SEEE, with options for hillwalking, biking and canoeing.
  • – Training starts in March, and we’re seeking adult volunteers to join our 16 separate expeditions across June, August and September to help make them the amazing experience that DofE can provide – fill in this form:  We will also be running Bronze expeditions in May, and help would be welcome with them, too.
  • – It should be noted that some Units and Districts are running their own expeditions, so the numbers above are not the total for the Region.
  • – We are working on a Gold expedition specifically for Network members, and any Network member interested (including Leaders under 25) should get in touch to discuss.

As a result of all the hard work put in by young people and adults, our current total for DofE Awards completed in the Region since mid-September 2021 (just under 18 months) is:







A lot of this depends on local Leaders who support Explorers with their overall DofE programme. Sometimes this is an Explorer Leader, but often it is a Leader from another section, a parent, or someone who chooses to take on only this task. It usually involves meeting with the candidates about once a month and answering questions online. It’s great fun and so rewarding.

If you are interested in finding out more then please do get in touch. Of course, full support will be provided. 

John Buchanan for SEEE