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South East Explorer Expeditions (SEEE) - expeditions coming up, and adults can join in the fun

Training has continued, particularly with the 25 Braid Bronzes who were at Greenbank on Friday 21 April. 

  • > The Braid Bronze training and expedition takes place in the middle of May. 
  • > Silver and Gold Hillwalking expeditions are lined up for after the exams: Practices in June, Qualifiers in August and September.
  • > The Biking Silver expeditions are being actively planned, and leaders recruited.
  • > Some Bronzes from other Districts will do their training and expedition with their own Unit, but there will be another SEEE expedition for those not covered by that. 
  • > The paddlers completed their Practice expeditions in April, and final preparations are being made towards the Qualifying Expeditions in June and August on Loch Tay and The Great Glen respectively.

Can you help? We would still welcome more helpers for Biking, Hillwalking and Paddling.  If you have received a message asking whether you could help on particular dates, please reply.  If you did not, then contact us using

David, John and Steve for SEEE