Welcome back to a new term! 

As restrictions have been relaxed we can hopefully return to something a little closer to what scouting was pre-Covid.  

I’m hoping to be able to re-introduce face to face training this term, but sadly the training hut at Bonaly is no more.  On that basis, I’d be delighted to hear from any groups that have their own premises that may be available to use for training purposes from time to time.  I sent a survey link to group secretaries or chairs to capture address, contact details etc. some time ago, but in case it was missed, here’s the link again.  

The hope is that we’ll be able to deliver some face to face training at weekends, and continue with individual modules on Zoom midweek. 

Many people are keen to know what’s happening regarding First Response training.  Sessions for module 10B (the practical demonstrations) will start up very soon for all those who completed 10A on Zoom, and we’ll additionally set up face to face sessions for the full course over a day.  Please see previous note re-premises.  

I’m aware that some people who have been in role for over 3 years have been getting reminder emails from Gilwell regarding their training commitment.   

If you have completed the learning already please gather your evidence and contact your Training Adviser to discuss the validation.  If you have gaps in the learning, please look out for the courses, or access the other alternatives where available.  The Scouts Scotland website has workbooks for some modules to allow you to go through them at a time of your choosing.   

Useful links are:

The next stage is validation, and the Leaders’ Training Guide will let you know what needs to be done for each module.  The current version isn’t quite up to date for Getting Started, and module 6 is still in there, but it’s generally correct and due to be updated very soon.    

What isn’t fully understood by everyone is that the Wood Badge is role-specific, so even if you had one before, if you change role you need to get another.  Depending on the similarity of the former and current role, a lot of this is an admin exercise by your ADC or training Adviser, but please don’t ignore the email.  There’s a very useful document on Scouts Scotland about getting the second Wood Badge when you change sections:     

For the Managers and Supporters out there, Scouts Scotland have announced some training dates for the Skills courses.  Full details of the courses and dates, and the application process are available from Scouts Scotland on this link.  They tend to be booked up very quickly, so please try to get in quickly.  Please remember the relevant Independent Learning MUST be completed before the Skills course – if you need more information on that please contact your Training Adviser (M&S) or ADC (AT).   Please also let me know if you book a place as I will eventually get the bill and need to know how much we should be paying! Thanks.

Finally, for the ADCs who have a queue of people clamouring to be Training Advisers (I wish!), we are running module 25 on 15th September.  Bookings on Eventbrite via the below link.  

I hope to see a lot of people over the next few weeks. 

Mary Dick