During the day we will be setting a variety of challenges for participants to complete before the Sleep Out, either in your garden, or in a den inside your house


Here is the programme for the day.


Links will be added as the time approaches for each activity. 

10:30 – 13:00 – Activity Time 

This morning you have lots of other activities with a “sun” or “longest” theme that you can take part in. Key challenges that you can do between 10:30 and 13:00 before lunch are listed below.


  1. Draw or build a Solar System

The Solar System is the collection of eight planets and their moons in orbit round the sun, together with smaller bodies in the form of asteroids, meteoroids, and comets. The planets of the solar system are (in order of distance from the sun) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Your challenge is to draw or build a model of the solar system – you can get some guidance here and post your photos.


  1. Do a Sun Dance

We would like you to send us a video of you doing our Camp Dance – Gurdeep Pandher demonstrates the dance here – we would love to see your attempt at doing the Camp Dance and perhaps singing two choruses of Here Comes the Sun (see below) at the same time – post your videos on our social media platforms.


Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right



  1. Build Your LongestDay Campfire 

Why not take some time at this point to make your campfire? Not all of you will be able to go outside in the garden so be creative.  Your campfire can be real, a model or virtual. Models can be made from wood, lego, coloured paper, get creative and share your ideas with us.

  1. Build a structure with Spaghetti and Marshmallows

We would like you to build the highest and/or longest structure you can with spaghetti and marshmallows and take a photo – if you can make it in the shape of a famous structure like Stonehenge, or the Eifel Tower even better – post your photos on the social media sites


13:00 Lunch Make a Sandwich

It is coming up to lunch so you need to make it for yourself. We have two challenges to do – pick one or do both:

  1. We want you to make lunch with one hand behind your back. No cheating. It would be great if you could include a banana sandwich.
  2. Make a solar oven to cook some smores- as long as the sun is shining – this video clip shows you how to do it – you


Remember to post a photo of you making your lunch/smores on our social media platforms using the #SESLongestDay

14:00 – 16:00 – Activity Time

This afternoon you have more activities with a “sun” or “longest” theme that you can take part in. Key challenges that you can do between 14:00 and 16:00 are listed below.

If you have finished then there are 15 other challenges that you can do across the day.


  1. Longest T-Bag/Water Throw Challenge

We would like you to do the Longest T-Bag throw challenge but with a “water” twist – see the instructions and video below – send your videos in and we will join them together to create the longest t-bag challenge



Longest Tea Bag/Water Throw Challenge

We would like you to help us create the Longest Tea Bag throw challenge but with a “water” twist

Here are the instructions:

1. Set up a camera in your garden or a nearby outdoor space. Set it to record remotely or ask a family member to operate it.

2. Stand in the centre of the camera shot wearing your uniform or at least a necker. Optionally you can hold a (non-breakable) mug in your hand. Have a container of water at your feet.

3. Another family member stands on your RIGHT out of camera shot with a teabag. Get them to throw the teabag at you. Catch it in your mug, in your hand or pick it up.

4. Take the teabag and throw it your LEFT. Make sure the teabag is thrown far enough to go out of camera shot.

“But wait, you can’t make a cup of tea with just a tea bag! You need water”

If you’re up for it, do these tasks as well:

5. Another family member throws water at you from your LEFT (from where you threw the teabag). Make sure the camera doesn’t see them. The wetter you are the funnier it will be!

6. You will pick up the container of water at your feet and throw it to your RIGHT.

If you want, BEFORE you throw your container of water, add a creative twist. Perhaps you like milk and two sugars with your tea? Packet of biscuits? Agree with your thrower what they might throw at you! Then throw your water “at” the nexy person

Explorers James and Colin show you how it is done

  1. Paint a Stone with a Solstice/Sun Theme

Get a large stone/pebble and draw/paint the sun with possibly a Scout Logo – take a photo and post it on our social media platforms then place your stone outside so people passing can see the stone/pebble When you are on your daily exercise, see how many you can spot.

  1. Make a pair of Traditional Origami Sunglasses

Hopefully the sun is shining on the Longest Day – we will need a pair of sunglasses – we would like you to design and make a pair of Traditional Origami Sunglasses and post a picture on our social media platforms – here is one way of making them.


  1. Throw a paper aeroplane the longest distance

This is a simple task – build a paper aeroplane in whatever style you like then see how long you can throw it – post your videos and the distance travelled on our social media platforms – there is a prize for the person from each section who throws the longest.



16:00 – Summer Solstice Family Quiz  

Join our Family Quiz with a number of topics including Famous Quotes, Geography, Flags, Scouting, Scotland, General Knowledge and a special round for our younger members.

To participate – Login to the Region Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 881 8972 3389
Password: SES

The quiz will use Kahoot to submit your answers, no need to sign up or sign in, just go to kahoot.it and enter the PIN code to start. The PIN code will be issued by the quiz master at the start of the quiz.

It is recommended that you use Kahoot on a separate device (phone, tablet etc) than what you are watching zoom on.


16:30 – 19:00 – Dinner time 

Time to have dinner with whoever is at home with you. If you would like to challenge yourself more then why not cook outside, with a BBQ or on a wooden fire. Please stick to current social distancing rules and check our guidelines around local by-laws regarding fires as some local authorities are not permitting fires due to the smoke causing issues with respiratory conditions, such as Covid-19.


19:30 – Campfire

“Visit our Facebook site and check out the campfire – sing out loud with the camp fire songs – we would love to see photos or videos of you taking part – remember to use #SESLongestDay


20:00 – Story Time – mainly for our younger members.

It is now time for our younger members to relax with a number of short stories, some with a Scouting theme.

The New Scout 5 mins https://youtu.be/XlqMMBD2pNA

The Camp 5 mins https://youtu.be/_aKxuk5NHEY

The Good Scout 5mins https://youtu.be/M9iYDdLAiTw

The Smartest Giant in Town 7.5mins https://youtu.be/qSMEBoh-coE

Curious George Goes Camping 7.5 mins https://youtu.be/4cNmFmMD9A4

20.30 – Update on the long running Edinburgh Gang Show

Unfortunately, the 2020 Edinburgh Gang Show has been cancelled for the first time since it started 60 years ago – so they are planning a Virtual Performance – in the meantime let’s enjoy some memories of last year’s 60th Gang Show.


 22.00pm or thereabouts – Sunset and Summer Solstice

Its sunset on the Longest Day of the year – if you still up then take a photo of the sunset where you are (see above) and at the precise time of the Summer Solstice (10.42pm) and post a photo on our social media platforms – check here for the precise sunrise and sunset times where you are.

 22:10 – Leaders Social (over 18’s only)

Leaders are welcome to join the Regional Zoom meeting for some social time, have a chat and a drink and catch up. Sorry it can’t be in person, but it’s the best we could do!

Topic: SESLongestDay Leader Meet (0ver 18’s only)

Time: Jun 20, 2020 10:00 PM London

 Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 971 4597 7019

Password: SES2020

We would ask that during the event, you please share your photos and videos etc. to our social media (see below) with the hashtag #SESLongestDay.

Facebook: SES Scouts
Twitter: @sesscouts
Instagram: @ses_scouts

Can adults (parent/carer or leader) please pre-register participation for themselves and/or for young people (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers) via this form. Please register adults and young people separately.