New Scouts Scotland Grants Programme

Scouts Scotland is really pleased to announce the new Scouts Scotland Grants Programme to support local Scouting in Scotland. Earlier this year the Scottish Board agreed an exciting series of projects funded by legacies, including a new grants programme for local Scouting. The new programme brings together all of the existing grants that they offer, along with a few new ones, making Scouts Scotland funding more accessible and easier to apply for.

Quick and easy applications

The new programmes range from support for Scouting in areas of deprivation to travel bursaries to access their Scout Adventures Centres across Scotland. They have also created a new application process, which is much more straightforward and quicker to complete – saving you time and making it easier for Scottish members to apply for financial support.

Putting the strategy into practice

Moray Macdonald, Chair of the Scottish Board said: “Our aim is to grow Scouting and make it more inclusive. The commitment of the Board to support this work at a local level means we can put the strategy into practice in every community across Scotland, making sure everyone has the opportunity to be part of Scouting and develop skills for life.”

SHQ can now provide funding for a range of projects, including:

  • support to help Groups with the cost of updating to the new Scout brand
  • travel fund to allow more young people to access Scout Adventures Centres in Scotland
  • support for young people with additional needs
  • new section start-up grants and support for innovative projects that will lead to growth
  • greater inclusion
  • volunteer development.

Click here for all the information you need to apply for a grant from SHQ.