SkyCamp Challenge at Barrwood Campsite

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SkyCamp Challenge 2022 – South East Scotland Scouts Explorers

This was a competition with a difference to mark 20 brilliant years of Explorers. Some 80 Explorers from across South East Scotland Scouts – Pink Panthers (Craigalmond Scout District), Meadows (Braid Scout District), Wildfire (Pentland Scout District), Tower (Pentland Scout District), Cramond (Craigalmond Scout District) and SMESU (Braid Scout District) – came together to compete in the SkyCamp Challenge 2022. This challenge tested our South East Scotland Scouts Explorers’ pioneering skills to make a camp off the ground on which they could cook, sleep and live on Saturday evening/Sunday morning. The location was Barrwood Scout Campsite and the date was 7-9 October 2022. 

The Challenge:

To create and spend a night in a campsite that is pitched between 50cm and 3 metres above ground level with a minimum of contact between their site and the ground beneath it. The Explorers were split into teams and challenged to live, eat and sleep in the SkyZone plus complete a series of additional challenges over the competition weekend. The teams were made up of between 4-8 people.
The criteria were that each base should have a defined entry and exit point, a sleeping area, food preparation and a dining area. When cooking, food must be cooked using a gas trangias / burner. The judges were looking to see that teams had taken steps to avoid damage to trees and that their site was tidy. By 4.30pm on Saturday the whole team, kit and even unused materials were required to be off the ground and the teams were then expected to cook, eat and sleep in their base. Arriving on the Friday camp allowed the teams to review the site, check out the kit and chat with their teammates before they began.
Every construction was built to a different plan and every team pulled together to get their SkyCamp assembled. By early afternoon on Saturday, the judging panel were beginning to see their hard work taking shape. The teams worked hard and well but there could only be one winner and runner-up.
Once the final points had been totalled we had a winner! We are pleased to announce the winners of the SkyCamp Challenge 2022 were Wildfire, with the Pink Panthers being worthy runners-up and Cramond taking third place. Well done to all.
SkyCamp 2022 Winners - Wildfire
SkyCamp 2022 Runners up - Pink Panthers
Everyone gathered at the Campfire for some warmth, fun and to relax together after a successful day – Explorer style!
Sunday morning brought a tasty breakfast before the teams had to take everything apart again and leave the site in the pristine condition they found it. 
And SAVE THE DATE for the SkyCamp Challenge 2023 – provisionally September 29th – October 1st 2023. Watch this space!
A big thanks go to the organising and delivery teams including: Fraser Dunmore, Graham Scrimgeour, David Newton, Graeme Robertson, Jenny Doulton, Ewan Night, Tess Dupont, Grant Hodgson, Joe Hoyle, Jack Curry, John Buchanan, Mike Treanor with a little help from Kirstie Armsworth from the Region.  

Check out a few of the photos from the challenge – click on any image below to make it bigger!