List of Socially Distanced Activity Ideas

Athletics/Sports Day competition

Campfire and songs/S’Mores using the long sticks


Cluedo Wide Game



Dressing up/themed evening

Evening out with the cameras (yp need to bring own phone or camera)

Exercise workout/boot camp

Explore local area – make a street map of where you found


Gardening/weeding in the community

Geo Caching

Hands-free Orienteering

Highland Games

Human Battleships

Individual fires embers cooking

Kite Flying

Litter Picks

Man hunt

Mini pioneering – making rafts and floating them

Monoploy Challenge

Nature Crafts

Nature Walk

Nerf Gun war

Obstacle course


Photo Quiz around an area

Pond Dipping

Soft Archery


Tennis and Bowls

Tidy an area for the community


Treasure Hunt

Water throwing challenge

Activities for All

Socially Distanced Games

Socially Distanced Games Database v3

Socially distanced and virtual activities from Scoutadelic  has over 700 videos and a section just for At Home and also for those face to facing.  So plenty of ideas and resources.

Activities for Beavers

Caterpillar Crawl

Leader calls out instructions and players respond to commands for example: Caterpillars crawl (the players) all crawl, Butterflies (the players) “fly” around the room arms out, Pupate (to become a chrysalis) – stop and curl up in a ball on floor and stay perfectly still.


All the Beaver Scouts lie at one end of the room in one big line. Then they take off their shoes and neckerchiefs and woggles and place them at the top of their head. The Leader blows a whistle and each Beaver Scout must jump up, put on his/her belongings and run to the other end of the room as quickly as possible.


The Beaver Scouts all stand in a line against a wall and the leader bowls a ball at them to try and hit them on the legs (Soft Ball). The Beaver Scouts have to jump to avoid being hit. No- one is out whether hit or not.

Pasta Relay

You need a bowl of cooked spaghetti for each lodge and a fork or implement of some kind to each Beaver to pick up the spaghetti. On the word GO, one team member at a time goes to the bowl of spaghetti and has to unravel one strand of the pasta and carry it back to their team without dropping it, but holding onto it is not allowed. To make the game more interesting, when cooking the spaghetti add a little food colouring to the water and you will end up with coloured spaghetti.

Bean Bag Balance

Use chairs or empty lemonade bottles and make an obstacle course for each lodge. The Beaver Scouts must balance a bean bag on their head and weave in and out of the course. If they drop the bean bag they have to go back to the beginning and start again. Winners are the first lodge with all Beaver Scouts back.

Newspaper Line Tear

Each player has a piece of newspaper and on the word GO, they must try to tear as long a strip of paper as possible in the given time. See who can tear the longest unbroken strip in, say four minutes.

Moon Rock

Give each Beaver Scout a mat or a piece of paper to put on the floor, then they blast off into space, by running round the room. Leaders remove one mat. Beavers then return to their mats when the whistle is blown. This should leave one Beaver Scout out each time. The Beaver Scout who is out then counts down for blast off and goes to stand on a mat. He/she then counts down again for returning to the base. The next Beaver left out is given the count down and the game begins again.

Sweet Pick Up

Line the Beaver Scouts up in their lodges, give each a plastic straw. At the end of the hall pile chocolate buttons on a plate, one pile for each lodge. Each Beaver Scout must take it in turns to run up to the plate and pick up a button with the straw. He/she must run back to his/her team line and the next one can go. Once he/she has returned, they can eat their button. This continues until all buttons on the plate have gone.


All the Beaver Scouts have a straw and a paper Beaver about 30cm long. They all line up in their lodges at one end of the room. When the whistle is blown, they first one in the line must go down on all fours and with the straw, blow the paper Beaver up to the other end of the room and back again. This continues until all Beavers in the lodge have had a turn.

Birthday Cake

Give each Beaver Scout the name of an ingredient of a cake (Fruit cake is good as it has many ingredients). The leader reads out a story of someone making a cake and each time an ingredient is read out the Beaver Scout with that name runs to the opposite end of the room

Activities for Cubs

Hybrid Autumn Term Programme

An example programme for a term including both face to face and virtual programme ideas. 

Tigers Autumn 2020 programme