A lot of progress has been made over the past month.  Training is running or being set up – online initially, to be followed by practical sessions when possible.


  • A comprehensive system, based round OSM, has been set up to manage the complex administration required.
  • After an online meeting, adults have been asked to send a note of how they might like to be involved in supporting expeditions, and when.  This information is being used to create leader teams for the different levels and dates.
  • General planning is well under way to agree possible dates – all subject to changes in the Covid restrictions.
  • We will still be very happy to welcome volunteers.  Visit the SEEE website for information. 


  • Basic expedition training is well under way with weekly Zoom sessions involving about 90 Explorers and 30 leaders.
  • Agreement has been reached about how to cover first aid requirements.
  • Training for Silver and Gold candidates is being planned and will start shortly.
  • Provisional dates have been agreed for Bronze (April), Silver (June) and Gold (Aug/Sept) which are subject to Scottish Government rules and Scout Covid guidelines at the time.
  • A meeting of Network members interested has been arranged to plan their expeditions.


  • The leaders in the core biking team have met a couple of times.
  • We now have an agreed set of dates for practice and qualifier expeditions for our group of 10 Explorers.
  • A training plan is completed and we’re preparing to run online training within a few weeks, and to have a meet-up of the expedition group as soon as that’s possible.


  • Training has commenced for the new cohort of 39 Explorers and Network Scouts from across the Region embarking on their DofE paddle expeditions.   
  • The series of weekly online sessions serve to get the paddlers familiar with what they’ll see and experience once outdoor Scouting activities resume and on-water training can start, as well as making good use of time over lock-down to improve their knowledge of route planning, basic navigation skills, the Outdoor Access Code and the 20 Conditions of the DofE Expedition.


The SEEE Team