South East Scotland Army Youth Challenge Event

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Inaugural event | Dreghorn Barracks, Edinburgh | June 2022

The backdrop for the inaugural South East Scotland Scouts Youth Challenge event, in partnership with the Army, was Dreghorn Barracks, Edinburgh and we had a cast of over 100 Scouts and Explorers from across the Region for the event on 18 and 19 June 2022.

Memories were made. Skills learnt. Fun was had. What’s not to enjoy!

Day 1 participants
Day 2 particpants

This brand-new Youth Development event, delivered to a different group each day, included some of the badges/modules the Army supports as part of our Scouting programme. In particular, the specific Scout badges – Scouts Mechanic Badge and Explorers Leadership Badge (part of) via teamwork activities to develop leadership and #skillsforlife. This was delivered via meaningful, educational, and experiential activities.

The aim was to add to our young people’s learning portfolio and develop skills for life with this invaluable Army experience. We did this by developing Scout knowledge, and personal skills which contribute to our communities, helping them be the best they can be and preparing them for the challenges ahead in life and employment. 

The programme included:

Stand 1: Low-Level Fieldcraft – cooking in the field, make a meal and a brew – Supporting Narrative/Talk – 3 Styles of Leadership. Did the Army rations pass the Scouts taste test? Only those who attended will remember!

Stand 2: Shelter Building – improvised shelter building with what they have – Supporting Narrative/ Talk – Complete a Leaderless task – so, how did they perform as a Team? Let’s call them undercover agents! Whether you need to keep dry or cool you’ll always need a roof over your head. Scouts worked together to make a shelter in the woods.

Stand 3: Navigation – basic group exercise/challenge – mini-planning exercise – eg up to 20 controls everyone has got to get 5. The plan was all should arrive back at the same time and check in together. Tricky compass and pacing task but lifesaving skills if up a mountain in the dark were learnt. Yes, getting from A to B is easy with a compass and pacing skills thanks to the Army learnings.

Stand 4: Mini-Command Task (‘Assault’) Course – physical fitness, nutrition, mental health – Teamwork / Resilience. A timed task where the participants used their initiative and problem-solving skills. Team communication was vital!

Stands 5 to 8 (excluding 6): Stands incorporating Scout Mechanic Badge – Car mechanics from MOT road test, tyre pressure/change, engine operation, windscreen maintenance, radiator review, lights of a car etc. Having fun, trying new skills and learning as we go! Problem-solving and technical know-how go hand in hand as our Scouts learnt vehicle maintenance. Getting under the bonnet and down to the nitty gritty helped our participants learn important safety checks.

Stand 6: mini-fun shooting via a large smart-screen (was available for those aged 14+). Think you can concentrate? The participants learnt how to listen carefully, master new rifle skills, be consistent and concentrate. The highly trained Army specialists were closely supervising the older Scouts on the digital range.

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Thanks to our volunteers

Our adult volunteers had just as much fun as the young people did. Events like this don’t happen without a powerhouse of a volunteer team. Thanks to all for stepping up and offering a helping hand. 

This event was an amazing experience for everybody, participants, and leaders. It exemplifies what we do best in Scouting, providing inspiring, adventurous experiences and bringing people together who would otherwise not have an opportunity to meet. We anticipated action, adventure, and achievement and it delivered. And a huge sense of ‘awesomeness’!

Vote of thanks to the supporting units

243Coy 1 RMP (Royal Military Police)

153Coy 102Bn REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)

105 RA (Royal Artillery)

SNIY (Scottish & Northern Ireland Yeomanry)

5 MI (Military Intelligence)

51st Infantry Brigade & HQ Scotland – Youth Development Team 

Meet L-R Lt Col Hugo Clark, Chief Engagement 51st Army HQ Scotland, Major Heather Lawrie, Youth Development Officer, Army HQ Scotland @ASEngaged, Sgt Jo Mundie, Network Lead Army LGBTQ+ Army HQ Scotland @ASEngaged, Keith Bryce, District Commissioner Pentland Scouts District, Martin Elliot, Regional Commissioner South East Scotland Scouts