South East Scotland Army Youth Challenge

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This is a brand-new event for Scouts and Explorers aged 12-17 (aged as of the date of the event) from across South East Scotland Scouts region. It is a Youth Development fun weekend, delivered to a different group each day, including some of the badges/modules the Army supports as part of our Scouting programme. This is delivered via meaningful, educational, and experiential activities. 

It will take place at Dreghorn Barracks, Edinburgh, on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June (two separate events).

The aim is to add to our young people’s learning portfolio and develop skills for life with this invaluable Army experience. We will do this by developing Scout knowledge, and personal skills which contribute to our communities, helping them be the best they can be and preparing them for the challenges ahead in life and employment. There is a specific skill focus eg. resilience, confidence, leadership skills, communication, teamwork, organization, problem-solving, etc based on the programme. The event is based on living and acting by Scouting values.

The event is taking place in line with current Scottish Government guidance and Scouts Scotland readiness levels.

This webpage contains information about the programme, staffing, timings, health, and safety, costs, and volunteering.

For everyone, the safety and supervision of the participants is always our primary concern. A detailed Risk Assessment has been completed.

This event will be an amazing experience for everybody, participants, and leaders. It exemplifies what we do best in Scouting, providing inspiring, adventurous experiences and bringing people together who would otherwise not have an opportunity to meet. We anticipate action, adventure, and achievement to be delivered and a sense of ‘awesomeness’!

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This event is a series of 8 outdoor and adventures activities run in partnership with the Army.

It will take place at Dreghorn Barracks, Redford Rd, Edinburgh EH13 9QW, and will be run twice – once on Saturday 18th and again, as a repeat of day one, on Sunday 19th June 2022. It is non-residential.

Each day will consist of approx 60 or 70 Scouts and Explorers aged 12-17 on the day. Participants attend The Army Youth Challenge as a direct applicant, where an application has been made by their parent/ guardian. An allocation to specific  Districts over the two days has been provided in agreement with the District Commissioners.

During the event, the participants will participate in an exciting programme with a wide range of activities. The instructors running the activities – the Army – will be accompanied by Scout volunteers to help support the format, time plan and organisation of the days.

Each day events will run from roughly 8.30am to c5.30pm (excluding arrival/departure and de/briefing times), with a range of adventure activities spread throughout the day. There will be spaces for 80 young people each day, and activities tailored to achieve specific Scout Badges eg. Scouts Mechanic Badge and Explorers Leadership Badge (part of).

In advance of the event, the planning team will put the participants into Groups, mixing up ages and Districts the best that is possible and communicate this via email.

The trained and permit holding Army personnel will lead each activity and the scouting volunteers will provide a pastoral role in supporting the participants whilst they are on activity. 

The Health & Safety of everyone involved is the most important thing to us. To ensure this we have put in place additional procedures.

The Programme at a glance (this is subject to change):

Stand 1:  Low-Level Fieldcraft – cooking in the field, make a meal and a brew – Supporting Narrative/Talk – 3 Styles of Leadership

Stand 2: Shelter Building – improvised shelter building with what they have – Supporting Narrative/ Talk – Complete a Leaderless task – how did they perform as a Team?

Stand 3: Orienteering/navigation – basic group exercise/challenge – mini-planning exercise – eg up to 20 controls everyone has got to get 5. Get a plan together of how to achieve the objective. The plan is all should arrive back at the same time and check in together.

Stand 4: Mini-Command Task (‘Assault’) Course – physical fitness, nutrition, mental health – Teamwork / Resilience

Stands 5-7: Stands incorporating Scout Mechanic Badge – Car (depending on availability of Staff and Equipment)

Stand 8: DCCT – mini-fun shoot at Dreghorn (no human/animal target shapes) – available for those aged 14+ (not for under 14s, an alternative activity will be provided).


Tickets are priced at £10pp and do not include catering or transportation. Each participant must bring their own food/drink/medication and make their own way to the Barracks.

Tickets are non refundable unless due to the event being cancelled.

Tickets are not to be transferred.

The cost is for the event elements and delivery only, not profit.

Location is Dreghorn Barracks, Redford Road, Edinburgh, EH13 9QW

Date – Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June

Time – each day arrival is 7.30am as per the briefing which will be supplied and departure is 6pm

Participants must make their own way to/from the location.

The running of the event is the responsibility of the Army.

South East Scotland Scouts must provide a support team to deliver this event which is made up of at least 14 volunteers per day. Can you volunteer? We will ask in the online ticket sales but please be aware of the key need here. We cannot provide this event without volunteers. Please email Scouting Support Officer, Kirstie Armsworth.

Leaders, parents or other adult volunteers can help as event volunteers. A volunteer would be part of our Scouts Activity Supervisory Team.

Your role would be either:

  • * Supervisory Team – you be assigned a group to escort for the full day arriving at 7.30am and leaving at circa 5.30/6pm. You would supervise and care for the participants during the day. You would be responsible for 10 Scouts/Explorers. You will not lead/manage/deliver the activity as this is the responsibility of the Army. You will be given a briefing guide and asked to attend two short volunteer briefing sessions via zoom on June 2nd and 15th at 7.30pm. We need at least 12 helpers to allow for contingency.
  • * Meet/Greet Team – for drop off and pick up stations on Redford Road. We need at least 6 helpers to allow for contingency, please. Some of these could ‘cross over’ with the above Supervisory Team.
  • * Media Team – we are looking for 1 Scout and 1 Explorer per day to work together to manage and delivery our live/online and media activity. These roles will be recruited from the final participant list. The Scouting Support Officer can assist with guidance and advice.


  • Depending on the final plans additional volunteers may be required.

    As with all Scouting activities, this event operates under the provisions of The Scouts Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) and the Scottish Variations thereof. By volunteering, adult volunteers are agreeing to take on a range of responsibilities, and at the same time have a real opportunity to have a wonderful time. They are also agreeing to follow and adhere to the Scouts Code of Conduct. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to ensure that they understand the policies and procedures relevant to the work undertaken. This will be communicated in a volunteer guide and 2 x online briefing meetings. If anyone is not sure, please speak to the Event Leadership Team.


  • No catering will be supplied to participants – young people or adults. Everyone should bring their own provisions (lunch, snacks, and plenty of water) in a suitable bag (not a plastic bag) to always keep with them. If the weather turns extremely hot or cold the planning team will consider options accordingly. Water will be available to top up at the Barracks.

  • Any personal medicine should be brought with each participant and always kept on their person. Sun cream should be brought as well as a hand sanitiser. This information will be asked for in the booking forms in advance.
  • Clothing – full scout uniform must be worn. Information about clothing will be provided in the briefing notes for participants but robust weather-appropriate footwear is needed e.g., hiking shoes/boots (not trainers or wellies). Everyone must wear long trousers tucked into their footwear. Spare socks should be brought. Each participant will be issued a bib to always wear and must return before departure.

  • Kit list – rucksack or day bags are required to ensure all participants are self-sufficient throughout the day; plenty of water (no fizzy drinks or cans) – no water should be drunk from the burns; food -lunch and plenty of snacks (consider allergies – no nuts); waterproofs and warm clothing if appropriate; hat and sun cream; midge net/repellent; hand sanitiser; consideration of ticks (in the briefing notes) therefore no shorts and please self-check upon returning home); long trousers, boots/outdoor shoes (no trainers or wellies); pen/pencil. This is a guide and the final kit list will be confirmed with the final participants.

  • Mobile phones should not be used by Scouts or Explorers at any time during the day and, if brought, are brought at the owner’s risk. Mobile phones on-site are permitted for use by Army, Scout leaders/volunteers and Media Team. Scouts/Explorers should not bring any other electronic devices.

  • COVID guidelines will be followed as of the date of the event.

  • Bibs must be worn, and protocols adhered to as per the briefing and advance information circulated.

The Health & Safety of everyone involved is the most important thing to us. To ensure this the following additional procedures will be put in place.

As leaders in Scouting, we all have responsibility for Child Protection. All visitors to the site MUST be properly signed in and out. And adhere to the Army rules – full details will be provided in the Volunteer guide.

The Scout’s ‘Young People First’ (The Yellow Card) code of good practice must be adhered to during the event. All adults have a responsibility to ensure that young people are protected from harm

The Planning Team is a group to support the planning and delivery of this event. Kirstie Armsworth, Scouting Support Officer for South East Scotland Scouts, Keith Bryce, DC Pentland Scouts, John Buchanan, ARC (Explorers), Neil Hogg, ARC Section Support (Scouts) and youth member(s)  for the Media Team TBC. If you have a question please email, Scouting Support Officer, Kirstie Armsworth.

We wish to advise all that we will be taking photographs, video and/or audio footage, showing young people and adults for the purposes of
the Scouts, and values to help us encourage wider awareness and understanding. And for media engagement. If you do not wish any photography or imagery to be used please advise in the booking form as instructed and before June 10, 2022. Thank you.

Event information is subject to change.