1st Musselburgh Scouts

As 1st Musselburgh Scouts emerge from Covid lockdown, local Scout Leaders Richard Maltman and Andrew Horrell brought together a “socially distanced” exhibition of work done by the troop during lockdown. This event was open to family members and friends wishing to see what the troop had been involved with during the past year. Also, during the most recent lockdown the Scouts have been focused on “Wellbeing”, aiming to become Wellbeing Champions by becoming aware of their own health and people around them. A series of Zoom calls was developed looking at cooking, staying connected, being active, taking notice, learning and self-review.

Finally, the troop wanted to bury a time capsule for 20 years, capturing every young person’s thoughts on lockdown and the future: –

What they thought 2041 will be like? What technology will we have? What will have changed? Choose a recent news clipping. Thoughts and ideas, as well as hopes and/or fears on what 2041 will be like for them personally.

St Michael’s church gave the troop permission to bury the time capsule in the church hall garden. A stone marker plaque was kindly carved and donated by retired Edinburgh man John Spencely, CBE. The troop put a lot of effort into the evidence they produced. Hopes included: – Covid is over; they have their own houses; good jobs (no offices); bigger and better TV’s; self-drive electric cars; personal jet pack travel; better health with more cures; better VR systems; more space exploration; space hotel on Mars. Fears included: – over population; climate change causing droughts; food shortages; animal extinction; too many robots.

The time capsule will be retrieved on Saturday 27th April 2041 at 2:00pm.

The article about the Time Capsule was published in both the East Lothian Courier and the Edinburgh Evening News

Richard Maltman
Scout Leader, 1st Musselburgh Scouts

Gala Beavers and Cubs Enjoying Scouting


Hi, I just wanted to share this picture with you, as it fills all of us in it with pride. I know any group who has managed to keep going, and especially retain its youth and leader membership have shown incredible commitment and resilience. I want to give a shout out to all the Groups, like ours, who despite significant loss for many reasons (leaders due to being front-line workers, new jobs elsewhere, university students staying at home, shielding, combined with young people growing older and joining Scouts or leaving the group) who are still meeting, even with significantly reduced membership. Our two remaining leaders combined our Cub & Beaver sections for online sessions in January, and stepped into face-to-face meetings following the Easter Break.

This picture is us recently, less than a mile from our scout hall, enjoying a great view of the Eildons, on our walk around one of the town’s paths. Each one of these young people not only attended every week, but have helped each other in many ways, showing true kindness and supportive qualities to each other in everything they have done. We have also recruited 2 new assistant leaders, and now we are all finding our feet again we are looking to build our membership for a new start in August, when we hope to take advantage of living in such a beautiful part of the world. Thanks to Scouting for continuing to make that happen. #resilience #respect #kindness #skillsforlife #goodforyou



Local Scouting Centenary Looms


Next year, in 2022, marks 100 years since records show that Scouting began in South Queensferry.

The current Scout Group, a thriving, expanding, bustling group providing The Game of Scouting for around 150 young people from the ages of 6 through to 18, is of course going to mark this occasion with a series of events during the year.

Were you part of that 100 years of Scouting here in the Ferry?

If so, we’d love to hear from you. Whether a wolf cub, or a Beaver Scout, a Tenderfoot or a Rover Scout – we’d love to hear from you and to gather some of your memories so we can trace the details and history of the Group through the decades.

Perhaps you were a Scout Master – or a Cub Master (female equivalents are included!) or perhaps your involvement was much more recent – after 1967, we stopped being ‘Boy Scouts’ and became simply ‘Scouts’ – at the same time, the wide brimmed hats disappeared and were replaced by berets, now almost extinct!

Or perhaps your involvement was in other ways in your links with the Scout Group – perhaps through Girl Guiding, perhaps through the schools, perhaps in other ways.

However, you might have been involved, or whatever your reminiscences are, we’d like to hear from you so we could have a further chat and help to piece together that century of Scouting here in the town. After all, none of the current Scout Group Team were around 100 years ago……….

We have lots of records in our archives but it’s stories of the people who were involved that we are after. So please get in touch at 100years@sqscouts.org and we’ll take it from there!

Do images like this bring back any memories?