We are aware that many Sections/Groups in South East Scotland had planned to go camping over the Easter Holiday period but have had to change their plans due to the COVID-19 situation.

However, we wanted to ensure we all get the opportunity to camp by having a Virtual Sleep Out between Saturday 11th to Sunday 19th April with hopefully as many Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network and adults (parents/carers and adult volunteers) joining in the fun.

Take-up the #SESSleepOut challenge!!

The key things you need to do are:

  • Choose a night(s) when you want to camp (you can do as many nights over the 11th to the 19th April as you wish)
  • Pick a location – build a den at home, pitch a tent or swing a hammock in your garden
  • Pack a bag with all you need
  • Prepare some food for the camp – perhaps cook a meal
  • Undertake some Scout Challenges – see below
  • Sleep in your den/tent/hammock overnight

During your #SESSleepOut we have a number of challenges you might like to try:

  • Take a photo of your favourite Easter Egg in your camp
  • Record your favourite camp-fire song and/or teach someone in your family your favourite camp-fire song
  • Record you trying the Necker flipping challenge – start with your necker/woggle on your foot, you have to flick your foot and get it over your head and round your neck
  • Take a photo of your camp blanket and let us know how many badges you have on it, then we can add up the whole Region’s camp badges 
  • Design a Virtual Badge to depict #SESSleepOut
  • Learn a new knot and use it in an interesting way around your house
  • Tell us what your favourite camp experience has been to date
  • Draw/paint a picture of your favourite camp/Scout activity or something that you have done in Scouting
  • Walk at least 1907 steps/yards (or any distance) on your daily walk wearing your necker

Each night you participate & complete a challenge please share a message, photo, video etc. to our social media (see below) with the hashtag #SESSleepOut

Facebook: South East Scotland Scouts

Twitter: @sesscouts

Instagram: @ses_scouts

We look forward to seeing all your photos and videos. Please note that these are public pages so please be aware of that when sharing things.

After the event, it would be great if a leader or parent/carer could let us know, via this simple form, who took part.


Each Young Person who takes part will be entitled to 1 Night Away for each night they participate (as long as they don’t sleep in their bed). We will send each Young Person who participates a Certificate.

Please note, Nights Away Notifications are NOT required for the #SESSleepOut.

Can we please ask Leaders to promote this with your Sections as you see fit?  However, we realise that you will have other priorities and concerns at this time and Scouting may not be top of mind for some of you and/or your young people.