South East Scotland Unit 8 – 25th WSJ

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Our Unit met for the first time on March 26th and 27th. We welcomed our 27 Scouts/Explorers with 9 Rangers/Guides to the Bonaly Scout Centre to enjoy a weekend of fun activities in the glorious spring sunshine.

Your 2023 World Scout Jamboree unit 8 team
We had 3 International service team members help us over the weekend. Check out the photos below.
On Friday, we spent the whole night doing team building activities, building the tallest balloon tower (yes, our balloons were all eco balloons and fully recyclable), human bingo and a literal ice breaker where each patrol of 9 were given a frozen t-shirt and had to unfreeze it by working together. The first patrol to wear the t-shirt “won”!
On Saturday, we worked on the Unit Identity, Personal Fundraising, what we want our Unit to represent and more. We completed a Site Service Project at the Bonaly Backwoods area and cleared this up, reposted a fence post and general did some tidying up to support the Bonaly Scout Centre to give back and also to improve our environment and make our Unit sustainable ,which is one of the aims of the Contingent. The Young People had the opportunity to do some archery, get to know one another and hunt round Bonaly for their UK neckies that were hidden all over the site. 
On Saturday night we had a campfire, with music (bagpipes), songs and chants from both the Scouts and Guides. 
Sunday was a WSJ briefing to participants and we answered any questions or worries that they may have. We then had a parents briefing and presentation, answering their questions. And, as we know food is important too(!) so we all had lunch together. 
We will keep you posted on our next gathering, and general updates. In the meantime keep an eye on our social feeds (see below).
Steven Maclennan
Unit Leader
Unit 8 – South East Scouts & Girlguiding Scotland 

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Summer Opportunities: 

Whilst we have seen a lot of booking activity in the early part of the year (May and June) we would like to remind everyone that water activities continue throughout the summer. And, it’s often warmer and sunnier then too!  

So please give consideration to an activity session in July or August or through into September – at the time of writing there’s a reasonable amount of availability so if you didn’t find what you wanted in the early summer have another look and pick up a slot over the summer months instead! 

Facility updates:  

The old fencing is now all cleared, and the first section of replacement new fencing was installed last weekend. We anticipate we will have this all in place before the new season starts and we will then be able to rearrange the outside boat storage.