Braid District’s Cartoon Cub Camp was visited by two of the Chief Commissioners and a number of local MSPs checked in with both the Cubs and Scouts.

Braid Cubs enjoying Cartoons at their District Camp

Braid Cubs enjoying Cartoons at their District Camp


Cubs from Braid District got together where they watched and created cartoons, and participated in various adventurous activities.

UK Chief Commissioner Tim Kidd and Scottish Chief Commissioner Graham Haddock visited the event which was attended by 150 Cubs and 40 Leaders.  Tim and Graham took the opportunity to present local Cub Leader Gayle Fouler her Wood Badge.

Gayle Fouler receives her Wood Badge

Gayle receives her Wood Badge from Tim Kidd and Graham Haddock


The event was also visited by three local MSPs who came to Bonaly to see the Cubs learning new skills and enjoying the adventure of Scouting.  Two of the MSPs – Daniel Johnstone and Gordon MacDonald were Cubs themselves and were keen to learn about the Cubs ideas for new laws.  A popular suggestion was to make school optional – or only three days per week!

Jeremy Balfour MSP came along with his twin daughters, both of whom were keen to join Beavers after their experience at the camp.

After visiting with the Cubs the three MSPs joined Buckstone Scouts on the high ropes course to try their hand at crate stacking.  Daniel Johnstone and Charlie Cumber – the Group Scout Leader – put their trust in the Scouts who held the ropes tight whilst they ventured up the crate stack.

MSPs and Buckstone Scouts try to conquer crate stacking

MSPs and Buckstone Scouts team up to conquer the crate stacking challenge at Bonaly


The MSPs were working towards their Youth Advocacy Award, which was recently launched by Scouts Scotland to encourage politicians to engage with Scouting and to listen to the views of our young people on issues that matter to them.

If you want to find out more about the award and how to engage with your local MSP, contact Alex James at Scottish Headquarters by emailing or visit