Staying Safe and Safeguarding – looking after each other

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Doing things safely is fundamental to everything we do in Scouting. From planning and assessing risk, safety in the programme, safe camping, event safety, emergencies, safe Scout premises, incidents and illness and much more.   

Given the importance of ensuring that Scouting in South East Scotland Scouts is done safely, Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid training are mandatory ongoing learning for the majority of adult volunteers and needs to be completed every three years. In addition, the GDPR training module needs to be completed once, within 5 months of starting your role. This is how we can keep everyone safe. No matter what challenges we face, it’s the one area which we will never compromise on. 

Recently, through your efforts, South East Scotland Scouts has made significant progress with our completion rates. The Region is currently (as at February 14 2022) in second or third place (out of 8 Scottish Scouting Regions) for most of the mandatory learning categories. This is positive and encouraging news. 

Special mention goes to Edinburgh North East, Pentland and Midlothian Scout Districts who have reached or exceeded the 98% target for completion of the Safety and Safeguarding modules. Well done to all the adult volunteers, thank you. 

However, we recognise that there is still more work to do and anyone who needs to complete these modules should do so as soon as you can. Please look at the webpages below for the e-learning and module information: 

We are proud to say that safety of young people and adult volunteers is at the heart of our culture. But safety isn’t just a set of policies. Neither is it something that’s just the responsibility of a team at HQ. Every one of us has a role to play. 

If you have any queries about the mandatory learning, please speak with your Training Adviser or Line Manager.