Apply for Funding for Summer Activities

To provide access to activities across the country during the summer holidays the Scottish Government have launched a national “Summer of Play”. The funding they have provided for this can be used to deliver a range of activities for young people ensuring they are provided with opportunities to socialise, play and reconnect within their local communities and environments.

South East Scotland Scouts were successful in our application for funding and have managed to obtain a total of £5000 which we can use to support camps and residential experiences for the Scout, Explorer Scout and Scout Network Sections. This will allow us to provide grants of up to £25 per young person for up to 200 young people to get out and camp during the summer holidays. It could be used for new events, to augment existing programmes planned as well as supporting any young people for whom finance may present a barrier to participating in events.

Note: A requirement of the funding is that you will complete a short evaluation at the end of the summer about the events that are supported.

If you have any questions on the form or the funding available, please contact Martin Elliot, Regional Commissioner at .

Summer of Play Application Form

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  • The maximum that can be applied for is £25 per young person
  • Please provide the bank account details of the Scouting account to which this funding should be paid.
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