Summer opportunities at Longcraig

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‘Summer suns are glowing’ – so we hope!!

It’s been great to see so many young people back out on the water so far this year, and we hope this can continues. We thought we might have been able to say none had been cancelled due to bad weather – until this week, when unfortunately  wind speeds above 50 mph forced us to cancel one evening. We’re working with the group to find them an alternative slot to fulfil their activity. But this shows the vagaries of the Scottish weather, and we in turn have to keep a constant eye on the weather conditions (wind, principally) and make sensible risk judgements to ensure the safety of anyone who will be out in boats. 

You can find the latest updates at: 

Summer Opportunities: 

Whilst we have seen a lot of booking activity in the early part of the year (May and June) we would like to remind everyone that water activities continue throughout the summer. And, it’s often warmer and sunnier then too!  

And we have come up with a Summer Offer to encourage more use of our facilities during the relatively quiet summer months. 

So, for every 4 places you book for an activity, you will get one FREE from 11th July through to 12th August – subject as always to prior demand (we do have some bookings in place already!) 

Other 2022 terms and conditions remain in place. 

We also propose that, for this period, we offer ‘activities as available’ because quite a number of our specialist instructors also have holidays to take, so we will provide activities according to what we can safely lead for your booking. 

Remember to consider: 

  • We have introduced a special date in the calendar each month, to enable individuals, or small numbers from a group or section, to take part in activities without the need to have a full group which meets the minimum numbers 
  • Sadly, we can’t offer any spaces for the June one, as it’s already full! 
  • Next one is on September 3rd.

Hire it! 

Activity equipment: 

Did you know that you can hire some of our activity equipment for your summer camp or your family event? (Always provided that it is being used safely and in line with Scout rules!). For details of what we have available, and an indication of costs, please contact 

General equipment: 

And, for the land lubbers (or just the land based activities) among you, we also have a range of glasses, crockery and cutlery available (up to 50 sets); GOPAK tables and benches, as well as loads of folding stackable chairs and also cushioned upholstered stacking chairs for a bit more comfort.  

All of these can be made available, subject to demand, at very reasonable rates for short or longer periods. 

Facility updates  

With our replacement fencing now in place (as far as we are going for now), we’ve cleared the revised storage area outside and have now prepared the ground and relocated most of our boats into the new storage space. Obviously, a lot of the boats are now out on the water too, as we are actively using them for activity bookings and training. So, it’s all looking a bit more like an active activity centre once again! 

Training Courses 

We had no applications for the courses planned in June, so they have been postponed until a later date. 

So, for anyone who is eager to take part in a training course, for sailing, powerboating, or paddling, please get in touch at and we will add your details to enquiries so we can arrange appropriate courses to match. 

Community Engagement 

As well as providing opportunities for young people covering a wide range of water activities, Longcraig is also actively involved within the local community in South Queensferry, Dalmeny and the surrounding area. 

Examples of this over the past year or two including the COVID lockdown periods include: 

* Support to the Queensferry Guild for a number of their events 
* Lending tables for Dalmeny Kirk Fayre 
* Lending cutlery to various events at Queensferry Parish Church 
* Lending lifejackets and maritime waterproofs etc to  a children’s care centre 
* We provided numerous lengths of old and good rope etc to one of the charities supporting COP26 in Glasgow last October.
* Whilst all of our assets are potentially able to be borrowed or hired, we do tend to take a view on requests from other local charities to decide if we simply seek a hire charge fee or whether we can support other charities, especially if they are also involved in their own fund-raising events, by simply lending them any equipment which can enhance their event or activity. 
* And, this Spring, we were delighted to pass over a pile of surplus items of guttering and drainage and other stuff to Carrick Knowe Primary School to help them develop an activity facility for young people within their own scope of activity.