Thank you, Diane, for all that you have achieved for Scouting in South East Scotland Scouts. We value the depth of your experience and the way that you have worked so hard to ensure young people have the very best opportunities for fun and adventures, especially at Bonaly Scout Centre.

We would like to thank for all you that you have contributed to the Regional Leadership Team in your many roles over the years, including being Deputy Regional Commissioner. Now that you are resigning from the Team, in order to take up a new role as the Manager of the Active Support Unit in ENE District, we would like to wish you all the very best in that role. We know that you will make a great impact in there, which is where you started your Scouting career as Cub Scout Leader in May 1988!

With best wishes and our grateful thanks,

Margery Naylor
Regional Commissioner, South East Scotland Scouts

At the start of a New Year we all look forward to the many new challenges and activities that 2020 will bring. I would like to take a few minutes to share some of the exciting opportunities and activities that I had the privilege of being part of during my time as Deputy Regional Commissioner.

Bonaly has been a huge part of my Scouting life and will always have a very special place in my heart over the years it has facilitated a number of Brass Monkey Camps that have enabled lots of young people and adults to join together allowing friendships to be made which will last for many years to come. It is great to see Pentland and Braid Districts continuing to run Brass Monkeys which many young people enjoy every January and February.

The Bonaly Active Support Unit are the backbone and at the heart of Bonaly’s day to day operational running, no job too big or indeed too menial and under the guidance of Barry over the years have completed lots of projects. Throughout this time I have learnt how to mix and pour concrete quickly!

Put in fence posts and fencing, decking, help build the bridge that takes you into the turning circle, painting in numerous variations of purple, green or blue and of course the much loved magnolia!, tepees up and down, keeping the camping and catering stores tidy and of course my personal favourite toilet cleaning have all been undertaken with a lot of hilarity but most importantly teamwork.

2016 gave the Cubs the opportunity to celebrate their 100th Birthday and across the Districts, Region and at Scottish level Cubs had a year packed full of events and activities.

In June Fordell hosted 2 full weekends to accommodate all of the Cub packs who wanted to attend. I had the privilege of being the Gold sub camp leader with a fantastic team of Niall and Elise looking after 150 Cubs and their leaders; it was great to have packs from our Region on our sub camp as well as meeting new faces many of whom are now scouting friends.

Districts held day trips and weekend camps packed full of fun activities culminating with the Region hosting an event on 16th December in Princes Street Gardens in the Ross bandstand. A great night was had by all including singing, refreshments and good bags and a magic show with the people of Edinburgh looking down from princes Street. A huge thanks to the Jenny, Neil, Brian, Jessie, Jose, Shona and the Bonaly Active Support Unit and Regional Team who pulled everything together to ensure the Cubs ended their 100th year on a high.

Every November the Gang Show brings together young people from across the Region to shine on the stage of The King’s. It is inspirational to have seen young people start of as cubs and brownies and finish their Gang Show experience as the leaders of the future. Of course this doesn’t happen by magic – there is a group of very talented people who make it all happen and it has been fantastic to be a small part of the whole Gang Show experience.

Having the opportunity to experience an International trip or meet Scouts from other parts of the world is fundamental in our understanding and growth. Blair Atholl International Jamborette offers this opportunity and over the last 4 years we have had the opportunity to increase our allocation of patrols to enable more young people to attend an International experience. It has been great to see young people go and return as confident individuals.

WSJ 2019 has been a great experience for our young people; it feels like only 5 minutes ago that in November 2017 we were selecting the 36 young people to go.

Representing scouting and SE region anywhere is a privilege however to go to America and have the trip that Unit 91 had was amazing and everyday it was great to see the face book posts of the cities, activities and memories made. A huge amount of thanks to Alan, Rhona, Mark and Gillian for all that you did to make Unit 91’s Jamboree experience.

The work of Bethany is very much to the fore enabling homeless people to have food, clothing and shelter during the harsh winter months working with Bethany and our Girl Guiding friends our first sleep out in 2016 raised thousands of pounds young people going the extra mile to ensure that over 400 homeless people were given a night in one of the night shelters and a hot meal.

Working with Girl Guiding has been fundamental in ensuring our two organisations empower young people to be the best they can as well as ensuring the key values are at all times the focus of what we do. It has been a pleasure to work with Susan and Emma and as they come to the end of their term as County Commissioners thank you for your support and friendship.

As I draw to a close I could write so much more but have chosen to encompass some of the key things, however I would like to end by mentioning the young people and adults.

One of the best aspects of holding a Region role is being invited to visit groups and districts and present awards proud moments when young people achieve top awards such as Chief Scouts Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards, Explorer Belts and Queen’s Scouts.

It has also been a privilege to award service certificates ranging from 5 to 60 years, commendations and awards for merit to the many leaders and lay volunteers who give so much to Scouting these awards are so richly deserved.

In South East Region we are very lucky to have dedicated leaders and volunteers who give of their time, talents and energy to ensure that young people are given life skills for the future.

With every best wish for the future.