South East Scotland Regional Scout Council

Regional Development Project Review August 2015

Special Thanks

This development project has been supported by a number of leaders and supporters from across Scout East Scotland Region. Special thanks are due to:-

Graham Coulson, Deputy Regional Commissioner

Gordon Dunnet, Asst Regional Commissioner (Development) for part of the project

Harry Lancashire, Member of Magangement Group & Acting Asst Regional Commissioner (Development)

Lawrence Mitchell, Member of Management Group

Jim McCafferty, Secretary to the Management Group

James Sievewright, Member of Management Group

Jenny Tait McGillivray, Member of Management Group

Alan Willoughby, Regional Manager

Dorothy McKinney, Regional Commissioner (part of the Project)

Isabel McNab, Regional Commissioner

District Commissioners in the seven Districts across the Region and prior to 2011 the ten Districts as well as as the many leaders who have acted as supporters to new leaders and have brokered connections and links.

Thanks are also due to the many partners we have met along the way in education, community projects, other charities and businesses who have lent a hand.