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The Comhla Coos aka ukunit8wsj25 held a fun training weekend in March

The training camp was in Giffnock, Glasgow, as part of the preparations for the 25th World Scout Jamboree this year in South Korea. The team used the weekend to get to know everyone better, try using the subway because Korea has lots of high-speed trains that Edinburgh does not. It’s always good to ensure folks can get on safely and wait to make sure everyone is onboard on time! They also learnt about the type of kit they’d need and how much to pack etc. 
Some of the other activities included Monopoly on Saturday Glasgow City Centre where they we were given a day pass for the subway and activities to do with questions/answers to find at 7 different stops. On Saturday night they enjoyed the movie ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ and had a talent show. It was a great camp run, with thanks, by Steven, Dougie, Emma and Lucy.
Our Unit8 are more than just travel buddies, they are planners, fundraisers, motivators and mentors. While fun will be had the team promote safe and responsible living during the preparation for 25 World Scout Jamboree (25WSJ) and while they’re away. That’s why it’s important that they all regularly refresh their knowledge.  
We support Scouts to get the most out of their whole experience at 25WSJ, to help them to form healthy relationships and stay safe during their time away, we have developed a range of 
activities which will provide those with the opportunity to:  
-think about and identify their personal values  
-think about and identify their responsibility as an individual, as a Scout and as members of their unit and the UK contingent  
-raise their awareness of some of the potential risks they may need to manage, including online risks  
-acquire key information so that they can make responsible and informed decisions about their relationships; this will include health, safety and legal issues  
-know where and how they can receive help and support while they are away
-develop their confidence in discussing these issues with adults and peers 
We look forward to sharing more news and stories from the Comhla Coos.

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