The new ‘milkhouse’ at Bonaly

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A sustainable project by Bonaly featuring the 25th Braid Squirrels and 198th Rainbows

If you’ve got loads of plastic bottles you could try making something like this – a plastic bottle greenhouse! Or we’ve called it a ‘Milkhouse’ as its made out of old milk cartons!

You’ll need hundreds of bottles for this – so start collecting now, and press friends and neighbours into saving theirs for you too. To make your greenhouse, thread bottomless bottles onto garden stakes or canes, then secure each run of bottles to a wooden frame to make each of your wall and roof panels. The panels can then be secured to each other with corner brackets. It’ll take time, but what an original, eco-friendly way to build a greenhouse!

Five fun facts about our ‘Milkhouse’-

  • 1. Constructed by the Bonaly ASU
  • 2.  Milk cartons supplied by ‘Angelina Coffee Snug’
  • 3. 355 milk cartons used
  • 4. 1420 litres of milk consumed
  • 5. Plants donated by the Bonaly ASU

The 25th Braid Squirrel Scouts and  198th Rainbows enjoyed planting sunflowers as part of an action-packed Jubilee activity day at Bonaly on Sunday 5th June

They took part in a led-session creating sunflower artwork to decorate a sunflower which they potted to take home. As part of the Squirrels Let IT Grow badge, they will look after their sunflower and report back on how it has grown. We wonder who’s will grow the tallest sunflower? Watch this space!