Tips on promoting vacancies

Here we feature a list of practical ways to help you engage and outreach by creating brilliant adverts, and techniques to spread the word with parents and the wider community. Including hosting a recruitment or information open evening. Our biggest source of volunteers is parents and guardians.

Use this advice to bring more amazing people into Scouts – and keep them energised and engaged from the get-go.


1. Re-engaging with existing volunteers (Recruitment 1 flowchart)

Keep and engage active volunteers by making the retention of volunteers as smooth as possible. Focus on their happiness and satisfaction in delivering their Scouting role. Key is recognition, personal development and opportunity matching. Please refer to this useful one pager which gives you some ideas (there are lots of other ways of course).

2. Supporting existing volunteers  Recruitment 1a – Reengaging with existing volunteers

Ensure you have enough adults to support. Please refer to this useful one pager (again other ideas exist).

Getting more volunteers:

1. Within your network

How can you secure more volunteers to a network closest to the District, Unit or Group? Here are some ideas to recruit amazing people known/closest to you. Please refer to this useful one pager (again the list is not exhaustive).

2. Outwith your network

How can you secure more volunteers to a network outwith the immediate Unit or Group? Here are some ideas how to recruit to a network outwith your Scout circle. Please refer to this useful one pager (other ideas can be supplied/exist).

Creating brilliant adverts

Attract new volunteers with attention grabbing, relevant and customised content and adverts. Inspire future doers and give it a goers. Refer to this one pager.

Organising a recruitment event

A handy checklist for running a Scout Information/Recruitment event. Click here for the guide.

Ask if you are you ‘Recruitment Ready’?

Review the following statements, or discuss them with your team. And complete this ready-to-recruit-self-assessment form.

  • How are you and your team(s) already achieving these success statements?
  • What more would you like to do?
  • Which areas are the biggest priority? (Score ‘red, amber, green’)  

For suggestions on resources to support each area, head to 

Images/Media Library

Access the Scouts media library for high-resolution images and video footage for media use. Alternatively for better representation use local faces – with permissions of course. Videos or GIFS work best for increasing views and sharing.


For information on how you can use the Scout branding and logos, visit the brand section of the Scouts website.

More information

There are lots of tools available to help you grow Scouting including the Scouts Recruitment Toolkit.

Got a question?

Speak to Scouting Support Officer Kirstie Armsworth. She’s available to offer advice and guidance to support your communications.