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The training team put together a calendar of learning events which was published in June. The calendar, which comprises nearly 20 modules between October and December, can be accessed via the SES website here (click on the Training Calendar button). It is apparent that some people are not aware of what is available so I would encourage everyone, and especially Group Scout Leaders and Training Advisers, to make sure your colleagues know how to access the Training Calendar, how to check Compass to see what learning they need to do and understand the benefits to them from undertaking the learning.  

In addition, when you book a course, please put it in your diary, and do what you can to attend. Emergencies will come up on occasion, but the number of people cancelling at short notice or just not turning up is sometimes disappointing – 44% on a recent First Response course!! 

First Aid 

The rules around First Aid have changed recently – it is now mandatory that someone with a relevant First Aid qualification (minimum level First Response) must be present at all Scouting activities. That includes your meetings with young people, so if no one in your team has a relevant First Aid qualification you need to borrow someone with a qualification to be able to meet. If only one leader has First Aid, and there is a session they can’t manage, you have the same problem. So please plan ahead – if your First Response is due to expire soon or has expired then either get busy online via the Hampshire Model or get booked on a face-to-face course via the Training Calendar (we will be publishing more First Aid courses soon).

Compliance Training – Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid 

All Adult volunteers including Leaders, GSLs, and Commissioners (including assistants and deputies where relevant) need to keep these up to date, and will be reminded when they’re about to expire, or have expired.  Safety and Safeguarding can be done online (it takes less than 30 mins to complete either of these modules) and a significant part of First Response (minimum level of First Aid) can be done online too. If access to technology is an issue, please let me know. 

Manager and Supporter Training 

Those in Manager & Supporter roles, working towards a Wood Badge are hopefully aware that Scouts Scotland delivers the training for this group.  There are some courses planned for October with spaces still available; you need to visit the Scouts Scotland website to find the details of these, and for later dates, and book your place.  As the delegates are from all over Scotland it’s a really great opportunity to hear not just from the excellent national training team, but also from people in a role like yours with similar challenges to overcome.  Remember to complete the relevant Independent Learning modules before the course though. 


As you may be aware, as part of the forthcoming changes being proposed in Scouting, there are plans to create a more engaging learning experience – some details can be found 
here. When details of changes are known they will be communicated, but for the foreseeable future we need to continue to focus on Getting Started, Mandatory Ongoing Learning, and completion of Wood Badges (where appropriate) within 3 years of appointment.  Don’t forget that a new role often means a new Wood Badge so speak to your Training Adviser or ADC (Adult Training) about which modules need to be revalidated. The Scouts Scotland Wood Badge Guide for Changing Section is a great start.  

Any questions please email the team at

Thank you.

Mary Dick
ARC Training
October 2022