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There are a lot of people involved in the Training process, and I thought it could be useful to mention some of the roles. We are looking for new volunteers to join the Training Team. Do you have the skills or interest to support different appointments in The Scouts? And if new to Scouting, no prior Scouting experience is required. Did you know that?

Do you want to become involved with training at South East Scotland Scouts? We'd love to have you part of our team.

Our South East Scotland Scouts 7 Districts teams, who are – BordersBraidCraigalmondEast LothianEdinburgh North East, Midlothian and Pentland are all looking for: 

Our South East Scotland Scouts Region needs: 

  • Training Delivery Managers
  • NEW: A helper to Assistant Regional Commissioner Adult Training – Mary Dick who leads the wider regional training team. Are you interested in developing your training skills, knowledge and experience?


Trainers are key to the volunteer training scheme at the Scouts. As a volunteer, we value their contribution to delivering the #SkillsForLife to our young people and in helping make Scouting as much an adult experience as it is for the young! If you’ve decided to help others to complete their training then we have the resources and tips to support you. If you have the personal skills (no prior formal qualifications are required), interest and means please reach out to the Training Team for an informal chat. Thanks! 

Existing Trainer roles explained:

Learner – Any adult appointed to a new role in Scouting will need to agree a Personal Learning Plan with a Training Adviser (TA).  Depending on your previous experience this will vary hugely from one person to another.  Once agreed, it’s the Learner’s responsibility to book places on courses, participate in courses, have regular discussions with the TA to discuss progress and check their Compass record is up to date.  It’s also important to cancel courses if necessary – just not turning up is not appreciated. 

Training Adviser – An experienced person who helps adults navigate through the training process.  They’ll start by identifying the training needs for the person concerned and agreeing a Personal Learning Plan (PLP), planning how these needs can be met.  They’ll also help with prioritising.  When the learning for each module is done, the TA will check that it’s being put into practice by the validation process and will then update Compass with details of what has been done.  We’d love to have some more TAs, and are running module 25 (Assessing Learning) on 4th May. Why not book here.

Line Manager – A general term for GSLs, DCs, DESCs etc. who are the line managers of the adults in their teams. The line managers need to be aware of the training requirements for their teams, and ensure that people are meeting the mandatory requirements and keeping on track for longer term training.  TAs will encourage, it’s up to the Line Manager to step in if further support is needed.  The Region is happy to run a Zoom session for any Line Managers who aren’t sure what they need to do, or what tools are available to help. 

Assistant District Commissioner (Adult Training) – Each DC and ADC(AT) will agree exactly how things work best locally, but in general your ADC(AT) will allocate TAs to learners, and will co-ordinate training at a local level.  They’re likely monitor progress, and remind members of training opportunities that are available.  That’s not just courses, there are some workbooks, elearning etc. as well. They will advise TAs and Line Managers if there are any questions around training.   If there’s a need for local courses they can co-ordinate with the Regional team to arrange. 

Trainer – We’re lucky to have a team of experienced people who are willing to present the modules to groups of learners.  We have different people focusing on different modules, but would love to have some more people join the team.  The basic module content is defined by UK Scout Headquarters – Trainers put time and effort into devising ways to make the content as interesting and relevant to the attendees as possible as well as answering the great questions that arise.  Part of the planning includes not just how many people are expected, but also what their roles and experience are.  Last minute changes reduce the benefit of the planning. 

Finally, my role as Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training) has multiple strands.  Key among them is planning courses to make training available to all in the Region, frequently enough to cope with the numbers.  This isn’t limited to modules for Wood Badges but can include anything relevant.  Another is to provide advice on any aspect of training to anyone in the Region, and raise awareness of various resources that are around to help.  If I don’t know the answer to a question I need to find out!  As the Adult Training System is nationally recognised it’s important that standards are consistent so I need to co-ordinate with ADCs (AT), TAs and Trainers to make sure we deliver the right training, and the validation is done consistently.  When Compass pops up the message saying PLP completed I need to review the record and hopefully press the button to recommend the Wood Badge.  

What’s it like to be a Training Adviser?
Why not read about 
Iain MacBride, from the South East Scotland Scouts region and Craigalmond District, who works hard in the background to ensure our volunteer leaders and members have the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to be effective in their Scouting role. If you’d like to know more about any of the roles please let me know. 

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Mary Dick 
ARC Adult Training   

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