Training Update

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Firstly, huge thanks to the team who have supported training delivery during 2022 – your efforts are much appreciated.   Feedback is that leaders usually enjoy the courses (sometimes more than they expect!), and though thee young people are probably unaware of the detail behind the scenes, if training helps leaders to do their job then the young people are benefitting too.  At the end of thew day, that’s the priority. 

I’m not sure everyone’s aware they have access to their own Compass record.  We all do, the login page is here and there’s also a link to register if you have not already done so. You’ll need to know your membership number to register– it’s at the end of the emails that cone from UK scouts, or your GSL / DESC will be able to help.

There are a few things to check: 

  • * Are all your personal details correct?  You can change your address, phone number etc. if necessary.   
  • * Your email address should be unique to you and not a shared email address, e.g. should not be used, though is fine.  
  • * Have a look at the communications options – you choose what information is sent to you.  
  • * When you complete any online training, make sure you send the completion certificate to your Training Adviser, wait until it should have been recorded, then check the Training tab to make sure it’s updated.  
  • * If you attend a trainer-led course, Zoom or face to face, check it’s been recorded and if not raise the issue within a couple of weeks.  Don’t wait 4 years as someone did recently!   
  • * Check the expiry dates of Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid.  If they’re about to expire, get them updated before the expiry date.  
  • * See what other modules still have the learning outstanding, and find the relevant courses.   If you target 2 or 3 modules per term you’ll get the Wood Badge completed well within the 3 years.  Your Training Adviser will help you prioritise what should be done sooner. 
  • * Keep an eye on the expiry dates of any Nights Away or Activity permits.  If they’re not on Compass you don’t have them.  Start the renewal process before they expire so you can continue to offer some great activities to the young people.  
  • * Are all your roles correct?  If any are missing, or still open but shouldn’t be, speak to your line manager.   

Sadly, we still have too many leaders with out of date First Aid.  Check the calendar / ask your line manager about courses in the new year, and get yourself booked on.  Alternatively there’s the blended model (aka Hampshire model).  Several people who responded to a recent survey said that was their preferred option.  Very few names have come through as completed since then.  Please don’t wait, just register and get it done.  There are already 2 dates in the calendar for the Zoom confirmation session, 2nd February and 8th March.  These can be booked now, as long as the online training is completed before the date. 

The dates for early next year are beginning to trickle through.  As well as the standard modules there’s a session on Scouting – The Basics.  This is aimed at those completely new to Scouting to answer the questions you might hesitate to ask.  Follow us in Eventbrite so you’re automatically notified of any additions.  

The training for volunteers in Manager and Supporter roles (e.g. GSLs, DCs, DESCs, RCs, ASU Managers – including assistants and deputies where appropriate) is mostly managed by Scouts Scotland.  Go to to find details of the 3 skills courses that are required after the Training for All Appointments and Independent Learning modules are completed.   

We know the Transformation project will introduce changes to training requirements, but we don’t yet need have an implementation date or the detail of changes so need to continue with the existing system for now.  Please don’t be tempted to stop just because it may not be mandatory in the future. 

Find all the upcoming training events on Eventbrite – visit and click on ‘Training calendar’.  

Mary Dick 
ARC (Adult Training)