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Updated March 28th 2023

I thought that for a change I would focus on the volunteers in Manager and Supporter roles this monthPerhaps not working directly with the young people, but their roles are absolutely vital to those who do.   

If you’re not sure what these roles are, they include: 
-Group Scout Leaders (and Assistants and Deputies) 
-District Commissioners (and Assistants and Deputies)
-Regional Commissioner (and Assistants and Deputies)
-Adult Support Unit Managers
-District Explorer Scout Commissioners
-District Scout Network Commissioners 

There are a couple of events lined up to support people in these roles: 

>Manager & Supporter Training – An Overview.  This Zoom session on 25/04 is designed to discuss how the system works, where and how to access the training and what needs to be done to validate the learning.  Visit to book. 

Training Advisers for Managers and Supporters.  As the training system is a bit different it follows that the Training Advisers need an extra session to get an in-depth understanding of how (and when!) to validate the learning.  We have a face-to-face session on 30/04 to cover this:  

Note that anyone looking at this role would need to have completed module 25 (Assessing Learning for Training Advisers) first, and also have the approval of their ADC (AT) or the DC.  As the TA M&S role is a Regional role though, the Regional Appointments Committee will advise on appointments. 


A few of the training modules needed by Managers and Supporters are the same as those for leaders, and these are delivered by the Regional training team. Validation for M&S roles is different though. The Skills courses following those are organised and delivered by Scouts Scotland in various parts of the country.  While I appreciate no one is likely to want to go a few hundred miles to do this, it’s well worth going to a closer Region to get some decent networking and sharing of thoughts.  Unfortunately, the role of Scottish Commissioner for Adult Training is currently vacant, though I’m really hoping Sharkey will be able to appoint someone soon, and that they’ll get more dates for Skills courses confirmed.   These are advertised on the Scouts Scotland website,  It currently shows Skills of Management, on 13-14 May in Aberdeen, and Achieving Growth on Zoom on 20th May.  Keep your eye on it so you can get in quickly when something interesting is advertised.  

I recently ran a Zoom session, GSLs – Supporting Training in your Group.  It’s not talking about the training GSs need for their role, but what training is required by other adults in their groups (leaders, exec etc.) and what tools are available to help them with the task of monitoring and managing progress.  I’m happy to repeat this if people think it would be helpful. 

Find all the upcoming training events on Eventbrite – visit and click on ‘Training Calendar’.  

Mary Dick 
ARC (Adult Training)