Well, we’re at amber now and with the clocks having changed, your evening section meetings are at least going to start in daylight.  Things are definitely improving!

We still can’t run face-to-face training sessions, but the training team will continue to offer courses on Zoom as we have done since May last year.  When we can, we’ll reintroduce traditional face-to-face sessions and will continue to offer Zoom as several people find it useful not to have to leave home for training, whether because of childcare considerations or the logistics / time needed for travel to the training venue.  For people who can’t always predict when they may be free, several modules can be done independently via either e-learning or workbooks, all on the UK Scout website.  Details of the modules and links to the online learning resources are all on https://sesscouts.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Learning_Methods_Mar_2021.xlsx .  The Region’s calendar will continue to be updated over the next few weeks, so keep your eye on it.

Don’t forget that after the learning is completed (whether by a Zoom course, a face-to-face session, e-learning, workbook, Young Leader training, or your Training Adviser has agreed you have previous experience) you then need to demonstrate your knowledge and ability.  This is referred to as validation, and is effectively putting the learning into practise in your role as an adult leader.  There are no exceptions to this, it’s all about the LOVE (Learning Optional, Validation Essential).  Details of the validation requirements for each module are in the Leader’s Training Guide from SHQ.  There’s also a validation guide with some good suggestions for validation when restricted to online meetings, so no excuses! Managers shouldn’t feel left out, their (extremely useful!) training guide is at https://www.scouts.scot/media/2376/manager-plus-supporters-training-guide.pdf .

Remember that the Wood Badge should be completed within 3 years of the appointment start date – if you manage to tick off 2 or 3 modules per term it will be no problem.  If you’ve already been in role for over 3 years you really need to plan how you’ll catch up before the end of September this year.  Contact your ADC (Adult Training) or your Training Adviser if you’re not sure what’s needed.

Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training)