The training team are generally winding down for Christmas, but dates are already in the diary for some modules to be run January – March next year.  Have a look at the calendar on the Region’s website here to find something to suit you.  Remember that a Wood Badge needs to be completed in 3 years, and if already over 3 years you have until 30/09/2021.   Check your Compass record to see what you need to do, and make a plan to work through it gradually.   SHQ has produced a guide to validation while we’re in some form of lockdown, have a look and see if there’s anything you can validate now

If you are still getting the emails from Tim Kidd asking you to complete some mandatory training there’s a problem.  Either it’s overdue, and we really need you to get it done, or, if you know you have completed it there’s a problem with the data in Compass that needs to be resolved.  If you’re not sure what needs to be done please speak to your GSL, Training Adviser or ADC (AT).  This link is to the Getting Started training material – this includes the online Safety and Safeguarding that are to be renewed every 3 years.

If having time to complete the mandatory training (either any part of Getting Started, or the ongoing Safety or Safegaurding) is a problem your Commissioner can support you by arranging a Mutually Agreed Restriction for up to 4 weeks.  What this means is that you won’t attend any meetings, virtual or face to face, and instead can spend that time working through any outstanding modules.  When the training is up to date the restriction can be lifted and you’ll return to business as usual.  If not completed in the 4 weeks further steps may be required. 

We’ll continue to offer training by Zoom, some people find it incredibly helpful to avoid the time and inconvenience of travelling and being away from home, but when we can will add in the option of face to face sessions on Saturdays or Sundays

If you have questions please contact your ADC (Adult Training) in the first instance – they are all full of useful information.

I hope you all enjoy the Christmas break.

Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training) 

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA