We’re heading towards the end of term, and many sections will be busy with planning and running camps and other outdoor events.   Training is likely to be knocked down the priority list – there are only so many hours in the day after all.   

When the dust has settled a bit though, and you’ve got some time, get out the Leaders’ Training Guide and have a look at the validation requirements for the modules where the learning is already done, whether a course, or on the job etc.  Have a look at your programme over the last term and consider whether any of the activities you have run meet the validation requirementsIf they do, collect the documentation together, maybe get a witness statement here or there (did your GSL or ADC happen to visit when something interesting was running?), see what photos you have and get in touch with your Training Adviser to discuss validationDepending on what modules are still to be validated, you could potentially cover several.   Remember though that most modules need 2 or more activities to validate, and you need to be able to answer all the ‘check your knowledge questions too.   While you’re in Compass, check when your Safety, Safeguarding and First aid are due to expireSafety and Safeguarding are online and can be done any time, just remember to send your certificates to a Training Adviser, GSL or ADC (AT) to get it recorded in CompassIf you want to use the Hampshire model for First Response you can complete the online theory at any timeIf I see a number of South East people on the list I’m happy to organise a couple of Zoom sessions to complete 10A, and if necessary, some practical demonstrations for module 10B.  Let’s not start the new term with the mandatory training overdue! 


Find all the upcoming training events on Eventbrite – visit https://sesscouts.org.uk/adult-training/ and click on ‘Training calendar’.  

Mary Dick 

ARC (Adult Training)