Mandatory Ongoing Learning

It is a requirement of Scouting that all adult members complete Safety and Safeguarding modules within the required timescales and keep them up to date. Given that these are intended to protect all our young members it’s very important that this requirement is adhered to.

As a reminder, these are part of Getting Started and are to be completed initially within 5 months of an adult joining. After that, they are to be updated every 3 years.

UK headquarters send out emails 90 days before expiry, then 60 days, then 30 days to remind people to complete the learning.

PLEASE, when you get the email, put some time in your diary to do the learning. Each will take around 45 minutes, so not too much time. When you get the completion certificate please send it to your Training Adviser, GSL , ADC(AT) or to me so Compass can be updated. Please then check Compass after a few days and be ready to nag if necessary if your record has not been updated.

If you have a genuine issue that prevents you from completing the training, please speak to your line manager as soon as you can.

First Aid is to be completed every 3 years for those in roles where it’s required. Please see a separate article that covers the options for keeping it up to date. Remember though, if it’s not in Compass you don’t have it, so if you have some external qualification, it still needs to be added to Compass.

Other Wood Badge Modules

You will be aware from separate communications that the launch of Transformation has been delayed from February until later in the summer. Many modules the Training team had been advised to retire will have the dust blown off, and they’ll be in the training calendar as soon as possible.

If you’re keen to finish your Wood Badge or update your learning, please look out for the modules and book up where appropriate. When the learning is complete, have a look to see what the validation requirements are, collect your evidence, and arrange a chat with your Training Adviser.

Find all the upcoming training events on Eventbrite – visit and click on ‘Training calendar’

Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training)