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As we’re reintroducing more face-to-face training sessions there’s been a bit of discussion about training venues, and what works best for course attendees and trainers.   Essentially we need a hall that’s reasonable comfortable with: space large enough for the course, possibly including space for practical activities and / or break out groups; access to tea / coffee facilities; transport options – on a bus route and some parking available; and from the trainers’ perspective storage for the equipment.   The Hall owned by 31st Pentland (45 Lanark Road West, Currie, EH14 5JX) meets these criteria, and as a bonus there’s a wee Sainsbury’s almost next door if someone forgets their lunch!   The Region has reached agreement with the Group to use the hall for regular training sessions going forwards.


So does this venue suit everyone?  Of course not.  South East Region covers a significant area, and members from the Borders or East Lothian in particular are unlikely to find a venue in Edinburgh particularly convenient. If Districts have enough demand to make a local course viable and can arrange a suitable venue, I have no problem with asking trainers to take the training to the District. Please speak to your ADC (Adult Training) if you’d like to arrange this.    We’re also still running most modules for the Wood Badge on Zoom, so where someone is geographically makes no difference   One participant last week was on holiday in Spain – now there’s dedication!

We’re hoping to include some training events that aren’t specifically part of the Wood Badge, but are topics we hope will be of interest to some leaders.  To start if off, Martin Elliot and Melissa Meldrum (our new Regional Adviser (Inclusion)) will be running module 36, Adjustments to Scouts on 30th April, 10am – 1pm. This module has a particular focus on exploring additional support needs. It will help you gain a better understanding of how to facilitate and make reasonable adjustments in Scouts, in a way that’s constructive and effective.  Put it in your diary now – the Eventbrite link will be circulated as soon as possible. We’ve also had requests around Mental Health First Aid, Working with Young Leaders, and use of OSM.  These are on the list to be planned – again please speak to your ADC (AT) if you have other suggestions.

If you have had an email saying that your mandatory First Aid, Safety or Safeguarding are or soon will be out of date, please don’t ignore it. GDPR is also needed, but that one’s not repeated every 3 years – once is enough.  If you think the email was sent in error, please speak to your ADC(AT) – there are ‘features’ of Compass that could mean someone just need to copy information to a new role, but you need to tell them there’s a data problem.  Please
remember the purpose of these is to keep our young people safe – the word ‘mandatory’ is a clue.

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Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training) 

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