Additional or Change of Role

If you have taken on a new role in Scouting, please have a look at the Training tab in Compass.  Depending on what your previous and new roles are, there will probably be an additional training requirement.  Ask your ADC(AT) to assign a Training Adviser so you can discuss what’s needed.  It maybe you just need to re-validate some modules if you’re working with a different section, or it may be there are totally new modules added.

First Response

You may have seen the update from Gilwell on First Response.  The course has been updated – there are now 2 theory sessions of 2 hours each, and 1 practical session of 2 hours.  The Region will start running the theory over Zoom as soon as we can (training resources are expected very soon) and the practical when we are allowed to do so.  The concept of the refresher course will no longer exist – the 6 hours are required every 3 years.  We continue to accept external qualifications so long as they meet the requirements specified on the Scout website here.

Training Calendar

We’re starting to build the calendar for next year – a few courses are already available to book, and more will be added.  We also have some in November this year; Scouting for All, Introduction to Residential Experiences, Growing the Section and Running Safe Activities.  We also have the GSL workshop ‘Supporting Training in your Group’ being re-run on 01/12.  All are available to book on the Region’s website here.


Not strictly a training issue, but I’ve been asked to remind you that the 90-day grace period for PVGs has ended.  All adults need to have a PVG in place, so please complete the form and return it as arranged in your district.

Safety Training

The Scouts take safety of our members very seriously, and all adults are required to keep their Safety training up to date.   There have been instances of young people being seriously injured and in (fortunately very few) tragic cases, killed. 

There’s a mandatory online course on the scout website here that takes about 30 – 45 minutes to complete.  The roles which have to complete this training were recently extended so that nearly all adult members are now required to do this. Unfortunately recent statistics from Scottish Headquarters show that 11% of adults in SE Region are not compliant. The safety of all members, adults and young people, is vitally important for all of us in our Scouting roles and this training is an important part of this.

If you have recently had an email from Tim Kidd asking you to do this:

  • If you have completed the course, please send the completion certificate to your GSL, a Training Adviser in your District or your ADC (Adult Training) to allow them to update Compass. If you cannot contact any of these people please email the certificate to me (
  • We recognise that for some leaders, issues, such as technology, make it more difficult to complete the training. If you have an issue that prevents you from completing the training please speak to your GSL / DC to identify a flexible solution to allow you to complete the training.
  • If you believe you should not need to do this please speak to your DC (DRC for Regional roles), as if this is a mandatory requirement for your role, failure to complete it will lead to mutually agreed restrictions being added to your role.

For Managers – the following refers to GSLs for all group roles, DCs for District roles, ASU Managers, DRCs for Regional roles. Don’t forget your Execs! 

Please check Compass records for all adult members in your area of responsibility:

  • If the individual is no longer in role, have the role closed in Compass.
  • Identify anyone whose Safety is out of date, and contact them to agree when it will be completed. Follow up to ensure it’s done and Compass updated.
  • If someone has an issue that prevents them from completing the training, please contact the Regional Safety Adviser, Russell Shoulder, to agree the way forward.
  • If you have had any completion certificates submitted to you and are unsure how to update Compass, please contact your ADC(AT) or myself.

Exactly the same principles apply to Safeguarding, though our stats are a little better at 9% non-compliance.  This is still too high though, so needs to be addressed in the same way as above.

If you have questions please contact your ADC (Adult Training) in the first instance – they are all full of useful information.

Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training) 

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