And We’re Back! 

The great progress during November is that we have dipped our toe into the world of face to face training.  We’ve had multiple First Response courses – both the combined 10A and 10B, and also 10B only.  From other modules, we’ve delivered skills of Leadership, Working with Adults, Introduction to Residential Experiences and Running Safe Activities in a face to face environment.   

The first day of module 10B produced 4 shiny new Wood Badges as it was the final requirement for those concerned, the first 10A / 10B combined also produced a Wood Badge.  Huge congratulations to those concerned. 

It’s generally accepted that the benefits of face to face training are so much wider than just the training material being presented.   On the first day this came to life when I mentioned OSM (no shock to those of you who have been on courses I’ve led!) and one of the participants had never seen it.  At the lunch break I was able to give them a very quick tour of the main features and the leader went away to enquire if it’s used in their group, and if not, to start the process.   Two leaders from the same district who had never previously met have been in contact outside of the training to compare notes and share transport – the possibilities are endless.   

All that said, we recognise that face to face isn’t always realistic for everyone depending on geography, family commitments, work etc. and so the intention is that every module will be run at least once per term via Zoom, plus at least once per term face to face.  If new leaders aim for 2 or 3 per term they’ll complete the Wood Badge in less than 3 years with no problem.  If you’re a bit behind schedule you can do a few more each term to catch up.  

Module 17, Running Safe Activities.  A few questions have come up around this module.  Firstly, if it’s in your Personal Learning Plan (PLP) as X017 Running Safe Activities – Discontinued, your Training Adviser needs to add it to the live PLP as the module is definitely required.   For leaders in their first adult role in scouting the learning is always required.  I have been unable to think of any previous experience that would cover the material in this module.  Young Leader training does not cover all you need as an adult, nor does any other course I’m aware of.   If a TA marks it as previous experience recognised I’ll be asking for evidence of that before any Wood Badge is awarded.   Your expectations (and those of your Training Adviser) are being managed! 

Finally – we use Eventbrite as the tool to manage bookings for courses run by the Region, if you ‘follow’ the South East Scotland Scouts Training Team you’ll get automatic notification of any new events we post.  We already have a few courses lined up for 2022 live on the system and more will be added as each trainer can confirm their preferred dates.  International (Zoom, on 08/12) went live recently, and the first person to book isn’t in SE Region!  Click on this link to follow: 

Please let me know of any questions you may have around training. 


Mary Dick 

ARC (Adult Training)