Thanks to everyone in South East Scotland Region who has contributed to the work going on this year to prepare for the improvements to our volunteer experience, which for us will pick up pace in early 2024. It was so encouraging to meet with hundreds of adult volunteers recently from across all 7 districts and hear such enthusiasm for the changes coming. Changes which will attract more volunteers, who stay for longer, that value those of us who have been around for a while, meaning we can offer skills for life to many more young people in the coming years.

Scott Goddard, Transformation Lead

Volunteering Culture


With Christmas approaching it feels timely to focus on the strand of work which is about our volunteering culture. On reflection, this is at the heart of the improvements coming and something we will all contribute to one way or another, good or bad, whether we like it or not.

Our Volunteering Culture is a shared set of principles that outline how we behave, in line with our values.

It gives us a shared understanding of what we do and say as volunteers in Scouts, supporting each other, following our values and being at our best, while acting as role models for young people.

There are more details here including a short video to help explain it. As we head into 2024 I know it will be helpful for teams to discuss what this means for them and what we can all do to get our culture right.

Web pages: Our Volunteering Culture | Scouts

PDF: Our Volunteering Culture.pdf

Reminder of Key Changes


Scouts Scotland have produced 4 one-pagers about the key changes relating to the Volunteer Experience:

Roles and Structures – moving to a team based approach

More Engaging Learning

Governance Changes – move to Trustee Boards

A Warmer Welcome for all


More details available on SES Website here


Trustee Boards


UK Scouts held a recent webinar on the move from Executive Committees to Trustee Boards – a recording of the webinar, which lasts approximately one hour, can be found herePlease encourage members of your Executive Committee, now Trustee Board, to have a look if you haven’t already.