Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, a small Working Group, comprising leaders from across the Region was formed to consider how we could support leaders when young people are joining and moving onto new sections. We have developed the following “Transitioning Pathways” to provide best practice which encourages our young people to transfer to the next section with their friends and makes the experience in joining a new Section a positive one for our young people:


  • Joining Beavers
  • Moving from Beavers to Cubs
  • Moving from Cubs to Scouts
  • Moving from Scouts to Explorers
  • Moving from Explorers to Network

 Transitioning Pathways v3


Given COVID-19, it is even more important that we make the joining and moving process as effective as possible. These Transitioning Pathways can be adapted to account for COVID-19 restrictions e.g. having Zoom rather than face to face meeting with young people/parents, having a virtual or outdoor session with a number of new and existing young people (ensuring UK Scout Guidelines are met).

In addition, we have provided recommendations based on recent research and feedback carried out with a number of Scouts and Explorers to help improve further the moving process when Scouts move to Explorers. This can be found here

Hopefully, this information will support you as our young people join and move between sections.


Mike Treanor
Scouting Support Officer