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February 22nd 2022 is Founder's Day and it is #Twosday!

The countdown to ‘Twosday’ is on! 

This scouting year, leaders have another opportunity to celebrate on Founder’s Day – February 22nd – it is Twos Day! Date watchers are in for treat on February 22, 2022, when the 24-hour clock hits 22:2:22. All the twos! 

Inspired by the #GoodForYou campaign, we’re encouraging South East Scotland members to join in #GoodForTwo from Founder’s Day on 22/2/22.

Please do celebrate Founder’s Day as you would but this Founder’s Day and throughout 2022, show how Scouts is #GoodForTwo by holding a taster night where volunteers and young people can bring a friend or parent to experience the benefits of Scouts and a few other ideas noted below.  

The concept is for volunteers and young people to invite a friend or parent in for a taster night. It’s an informal way to encourage potential new adult volunteers to try Scouts. 

This method is tried and tested for young people recruitment but can also be used for adult recruitment. (If youth recruitment is your focus, you could do this tactic with young people bringing other young people too.) 

Research tells us adults are more likely to volunteer if they can do it with someone they know. That’s why #GoodForYou is Good for Two on 22/2/22. 

We know that Scouts is good for your wellbeing, community, and friends – so let’s show our friends that it can be good for them as well. 

Check out the example programme that you could run on a taster night to make sure everyone gets involved. 

What you can do: 

  1. Add to your programme plans:  
    You could run a taster session on Founder’s Day to link with all the two’s (22/2/22), or at any other time that suits in and around this date. Why not discuss with your team if you’d like to show how Scouts can be #GoodForTwo and get a date in the diary for a taster night.

    2. Adult recruitment:
    2A. Invite an existing leader or volunteer to invite a friend, colleague, or neighbour on 22/02/22 (or that week) to experience scouts. This can extend to an Executive meeting or senior leaders meeting. You could create a formal invite to hand to the young people to share with their street/family, write an email to members to ‘forward to a friend’ and so on. For more on a ‘bring an adult’ click here.

    2B. Why not consider the message of
    ‘role sharing’ and share a message to members, parents and your network inviting anyone to step up as a leader but consider it as a ‘duo’ to share the commitment, and the fun, between two. Double the scouting experience! 

    3. PR – Twosday ideas:
    If you plan to celebrate this day, why not consider PR in advance. In the last newsletter we listed how to secure media coverage with hints, tips and important contacts to reach out to. It’s always best to plan ahead when engaging with reporters to ensure they can, hopefully, slot this into their schedule and content calendar, if relevant.

    Some ideas could be – is one of your young people turning 22 around the date, do you have any twins in your group,  can you pair up and taken on a fun themed partner challenge, why not challenge the young people to read two books or design a picture of 2D shapes, to even wear crazy socks – socks come in pairs – perfect for twos day, and/or ask them what are the 2 (or 22!) things they will accomplish in 2022.

    For more on #GoodForYou #Twosday 

    If you decide to try any of these, we’d love to hear your experience, future plans and news so that we can share and celebrate the volunteer contributions on the South East Scotland social channels to amplify your success. Please email: and she’ll offer any guidance and support she can to enable your plans.

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Founder’s Day: 

The day marks the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell (born in 1857), the founder of Scouting. Baden-Powell was a British army officer who founded the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Born in London, England, he died in Kenya, Africa, on January 8th 1941.