In our previous announcement at the start of August we promised to keep members updated on the review of Bonaly Scout Centre and the plan being put in place to ensure that the Centre remains at the heart of South East Scotland Region and our future plans. As the staff consultation has now concluded, we are able to share more information with you. 

Importantly, the review concluded that the Centre should continue to operate as a Scout Centre and recognised the importance that it holds for many members of Scouting within South East Scotland and further afield. Thus the review team took as its starting point the following purpose for Bonaly:  

‘Bonaly is where we bring Scouting to life, where Scouts go for adventures and create lifetime memories.’

However, the review team also recognised that the current operating model in place at the Bonaly Scout Centre is unsustainable and a new operating model will have to be implemented. As this new model would place current roles at the Centre at risk of redundancy the Bonaly Review Team entered a period of consultation with staff, instructors and volunteers. The consultation has now ended and the Regional Executive Committee has met to discuss the outcomes and to agree next steps.

Throughout the consultation period the Bonaly Review Team and the Regional Executive Committee have looked for alternatives that would reduce the number of compulsory redundancies required. Sadly however, following the consultation, the only viable option available to the Regional Executive Committee to ensure the future of the Centre was to proceed with implementing the new operating model and as a result four of the current staff roles will be made redundant by the end of 2020. We are working closely with affected staff to support them as much as possible during this difficult time and would like to thank them for the professional, understanding and constructive approach that they have taken throughout the review and consultation processes. 

The new operating model will have two paid wardens supported by an Active Support Unit (ASU) covering a range of activities from volunteer-led activities, site servicing through to finance. We are pleased that the current Centre Manager, Mark Campbell and Site Manager Barry Johnston have indicated that they intend to take up these roles and so will be remaining at Bonaly Scout Centre to take forward the new operating model.

Bonaly Scout Centre is recognised as a valuable Regional asset for Scouting and remains at the heart of South East Scotland Region. The plan that has been created aims to ensure that Bonaly remains an exciting place for young people and leaders to visit and to undertake their Scout-focussed outdoor programme going forward, continuing to provide the opportunities for fun and adventure that many members have experienced during visits to the centre over the years.

The Centre is currently open for evening visits on Thursdays and Fridays 18:00 – 21:00, and for day visits on Saturdays 10:00 – 15:00 for self-run activities in line with current Scout guidelines. Please email to make an enquiry.

If you have any questions with regards to Bonaly please contact the Regional Communications Group via Martin Elliot, Deputy Regional Commissioner. 

John Cannon
Regional Chair

Peter Casebow
Chair, Bonaly Review Team