Mark Campbell, the new Centre Manager, is now in post and working hard to ensure everyone’s visit is the best ever.

Barry Johnston, the Site Manager, and the Maintenance Team members who all belong to the Active Support Unit (ASU), have also been hard at work branding the centre as the Bonaly Scout Centre. You will now see the new logo appearing on all paperwork, website and notices – and even our flag.

The final step in the Business Plan was getting formal approval from the Regional Executive Committee which we did last week. At a special meeting on 27 May 2019, the Committee members went through the Bonaly Business Plan, checking all the details and the recommendations for the way forward. They were very pleased to be able to endorse all the recommendations made by the Bonaly Business Planning Group – so all the hard work was very much worthwhile!

As well as the changes to the name, the investment in activities, reductions in prices for SES Scout members, the revitalisation of the Activities Team within the ASU, improvements in customer care and other actions already implemented, it was agreed to carry out reviews of the Business Plan at one year and three years to ensure everything is on track.

The work of the Bonaly Business Planning Group is now over, but members of the Group and many others will continue to support Mark Campbell, Centre Manager, with implementing the exciting changes.

The future of Bonaly is now looking very rosy – so why not take your section for a day visit, or a weekend camp, or even a week-long camp or stay in the centrally heated accommodation in the Chalet or Forth Lodge to see all the improvements that have been made?

Check out availability and prices online for accommodation, camping and activities at

Judith Wood, Chair of the Bonaly Business Planning Group and District Commissioner for Braid District