Update on interim staffing arrangements from John Cannon, Regional Chair

Hello everyone,

Following on from my previous update regarding interim staffing arrangements at Bonaly and our intent to review the way we provide support across the Region, I can now provide a further update on progress since that note. Firstly with regard to interim staffing arrangements. As indicated, we have advertised and interviewed for an interim Centre Manger for a period of six months and have had the support of John Bruce, Regional Secretary helping the staff team in his voluntary capacity over the last few weeks.  We are very  grateful to Yvonne Yule, who has also been volunteering and giving her time to support the activities of the office. Yvonne has previously worked in the Regional office so has been able to provide necessary experienced support in these past few weeks. The existing staff team have been very accommodating and have changed their working patterns and taken on additional duties, demonstrating great team work and commitment to work through this busy period. I am very grateful to everyone who has come forward and offered/given support in these past few weeks. A real example of Scouting values in action!

With all of the above in mind we have decided to take the following actions for the next six months.

Given the successes of the above, John Bruce has agreed to take on the interim Centre Manager role on a part time basis alongside his voluntary position as Regional Secretary. John will join the staff team 3 days a week to continue with the good work he has been doing.  Further, Barry Johnston has agreed to broaden the scope of his role in the interim and will act as Site Manager, taking responsibility for the duty wardens and improving the overall customer experience.   Neil will continue to be responsible for Activities and will be taking some shared paternity leave for a period of 6 weeks during the summer.  Arrangements have been made to cover Neil’s duties during this time.

This interim period will give John, Barry and Neil the opportunity to form a new Management team and I am looking forward to seeing how this team operates alongside Lynne, Blanche, the wardens and all the volunteers who give their time so willingly for the benefit of everyone who visits Bonaly.

Turning briefly to the longer term, The Regional Executive Committee have given their full support to us taking due time to consider what our Regional staffing should be. In addition, we we have agreed that we should also include a period of consultation to hear your views on how we might provide support and activities in the future.  As a consequence, Graeme Robertson and Martin Elliot have agreed to design this approach and will be communicating with you all in the next few weeks to let you know how you can get involved. Finally, thanks again for your support and patience, as we develop our plans for the future.

John Cannon, Regional Chair, South East Scotland Scouts