With restrictions easing and the return of face-to-face Scouting activity it’s important that we have at least one qualified first aid volunteer present at any meeting. To ensure we were prepared for this we have spent the last 4 months running First Response training. We have:

  • run 46 online zoom sessions; 
  • facilitated 96 hours of training; and
  • scheduled 809 places 

resulting in 255 leaders from across the Region completing Module 10A.

This is a fantastic achievement over such a short space of time. There are some people to be thanked for this:

  • All the ADCs Adult Training who co-ordinated vast spreadsheets in their districts to try to get everyone a place on a date that suited them and that courses were run at capacity;
  • The leaders who attended these sessions to ensure they can support face-to-face scouting locally;
  • The Regional First Aid training team – it’s remarkably few people who delivered all these sessions – sometimes 1 or 2 individuals were running 4 sessions a week!
  • Diane Winnard – Diane put in a huge amount of time; she co-ordinated the training material, the trainers, the ADCs, sent out the joining instructions, kept track of who had done exactly what and was one of the trainers running multiple sessions a week. Without Diane’s management expertise so many of our young people wouldn’t be able to enjoy scouting as the leaders wouldn’t be qualified to support the face-to-face meetings.

When permitted we will be running the practical demonstration sessions (module 10B) for the 255 who have completed module 10A.  We can’t make firm plans until adults are allowed to meet face-to-face, but be assured we will shout very loudly when we’re ready to go.


Mary Dick
Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training)