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Are you our next East Lothian Scouts Deputy District Commissioner?

It is an exciting time to be involved in Scouting as we adjust and recover from the pandemic whilst continuing our current strategy to prepare better futures and deliver skills for life to young people who want to access Scouting.   

Due to the pandemic, our new reality has made all of us re-think the way we provide Scouting activities in the future. The emphasis of our District support to our Scout Groups is an important part of our successful scouting but we have room for growth. This includes building an effective team which work well together to make scouting happen! 

If you get a kick out of seeing things happen, achieving success and making a positive impact to a wide audience then being a Deputy District Commissioner (DDC) definitely provides all of that. In this role you will get to see the difference that Scouts makes to so many young people’s lives across a large area, helping them developing skills for life, fostering friendships and providing so many incredible and unforgettable experiences.  

As our new DDC, leading and managing volunteers will provide you with so many opportunities and experiences. What you can gain by doing this really well can be a great asset for your professional life as well as in Scouts. The issues and challenges that you find ways to tackle will stretch you as an individual and as a leader and you’ll find yourself discovering new things that you are capable of achieving. As DDC you get to inspire, motivate, shape and develop the team, building friendships and establishing a sense of camaraderie focused around our mission for young people. 

Deputy District Commissioner role, in a nutshell: 

  • * Inspire and enthuse people 
  • * Apply strategic thinking to a challenge 
  • * Build and lead a team of key volunteers 
  • * Be resourceful and energetic 
  • * Believe passionately about developing young people and volunteers 

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Please get in touch to discuss.

One key aim of the role will be to drive our District plan forward in reaching as many young people in East Lothian as possible and to help coordinate volunteer and youth recruitment in existing and new Groups in communities served by new housing developments. 

As we recover from COVID, East Lothian Scout District wishes to reestablish and regrow widening the participation in Scouting. To do so we need more adult volunteers to support our young people. We have achieved this in part with the recruitment of new team members but we still have several opportunities and vacancy gaps needing filled. This is an ongoing journey and we still have many roles to fill. You may be the next person that we are looking for and have much to offer via your personal skill set. Please read on for more. 

The Deputy District Commissioner role is a new position in East Lothian Scout District. This is an exciting opportunity for someone to help focus on the future working with the District Commissioner (DC) and the wider team. Our Scouting ethos is inclusivity, diversity and equality.  No one will be excluded because of race, religion (or no religion), gender or sexuality. And don’t worry if you’ve not had any recent Scouts experience as a leader or volunteer but some connection to the scouting movement is desirable.  

The role of a Deputy District Commissioner (DDC) is very rewarding and is an opportunity to develop yourself and others. Working with the DC, the DDC acts as a manager, supporting other volunteers to ensure the District runs effectively and provides quality Scouting to more and more young people in East Lothian and the surrounding area.  

What’s it like to be a Deputy District Commissioner? Why not read Bill Ramsay, DDC at Edinburgh North East Scout District, volunteer experience and why he enjoys and recommends the role as Deputy District Commissioner. 

Why not take a look at the information pack below which gives you all the details you need, after all what have you got to lose!  

We welcome nominations or applications from everyone. It’s important for you to have your say and suggest talented individuals, who may be able to take East Lothian forward to loads more adventure and fun. Click below to download the vacancy information pack including the nomination form. 

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Please get in touch to discuss.

What next? 

If you would like to be considered for the role or know someone that might fulfil the role, please complete the application form in the vacancy pack and/or contact Hilary Cartwright for further information. We would also consider a ‘job share/team’ nomination or other opportunities to share the role.  

Click for the application and nomination pack – DDC Vacancy Pack

Click “DDC Vacancy Pack” for the application and nomination form.

“I am passionate about enabling young people to engage with scouting activities and supporting adult volunteers to provide these activities. I am keen to expand the District team in order to do this and so I am looking to recruit a Deputy District Commissioner (DDC) to join our well-established leadership team. Leaders can continue to be active leaders as well as taking up a District role if they wish.  

The DDC plays a vital role in enabling the East Lothian District leadership team to support and link the Scout Groups in the District. Working with me and the wider team, the successful candidate will be able to develop and hone their leadership skills by managing and supporting our teams of leaders and volunteers. We are looking for inspirational volunteers and activity-planners to help motivate, shape and develop our team and support our young people. So, let’s get the word out!”  

And if you’re reading this thinking that it all sounds quite exciting and something you’d quite enjoy doing, but maybe you’re worried about the timing or you might think there is someone else who would be better for the role, ask yourself if not me, then who? If not now, then when? 

Please get in touch for a conversation using the contact information below. 

Yours in Scouting, 

Hilary Cartwright 
District Commissioner 
East Lothian Scouts District  


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