Vacancy: Pentland District Commissioner

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Could you Help Lead Scouting in Pentland District?

As Keith Bryce is now coming to the end of his term as District Commissioner, we are looking for someone who can provide leadership, motivation and guidance to Pentland Scouts and its volunteers. You don’t need any prior experience of Scouting to put yourself forward for this role: we’ll make sure that you’re fully trained and supported.

District Commissioners play a really important role in supporting those who lead local Scouting within groups as well as other volunteers. Adults at every level of Scouting need support to ensure that they are motivated, inspired and focused on providing first-class Scouting. As District Commissioner, you will also provide direction for Pentland Scouts, and will help others see the bigger Scouting picture through solid leadership.

As Scouting prepares to introduce exciting changes to improve the volunteer experience for new and existing volunteers, the District Commissioner will lead Pentland Scouts through this period of transition and work with the Pentland Scouts and South East Scotland Scouts leadership teams to ensure that Pentland Scouts is able to take advantage of the opportunities that these changes offer, including providing clear communication on the changes to members within Pentland Scouts.

District Commissioner role, in a nutshell: 

  • Provide strategic leadership to Scouting in the District
  • * Ensure that good quality Scouting is delivered to young people 
  • * Develop Scouting in the District 
  • * Promote and maintain the policies of The Scouts
  • * Positively manage and support adults, defining roles and responsibilities


Click “DC Vacancy Pack” for the application and nomination form.