Every Scout Group needs a team of volunteers helping behind the scenes to ensure the admin, accounts and other practicalities are running smoothly. Together they are called the “Group Executive Committee” and in some Groups they are also known as the “trustees”.

This team meet less regularly than other volunteers in Scouting, maybe 3-4 times a year for a few hours, and give of their time here and there between meetings as required. It is a much less time demanding role but just as crucial as it frees up the volunteers who are working with the children and young people, and ensures all the other little jobs get done

If you have skills in admin or accounting, or are happy helping organising an event or two, then this kind of role could be right for you. Many of our Scout Groups are needing more help in this way and they will feel encouraged by your involvement.

This role also comes with an induction, some training and on-going support. As a result, you do not need any Scouting experience – just enthusiasm to help contribute in a practical way to the development of children and young people.

This type of role will help you develop and evidence essential skills such as team working, taking initiative, creativity, planning, time management and many more.