Volunteer Journey Transformation December Update

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Many of you will know that there are 4 key changes coming soon that are designed to improve the experience for all of our volunteers. It has been great to get the opportunity to speak with hundreds of adult members throughout the past few months whether it be at District AGM’s, Exec meetings, all member calls or most recently our transformation webinar for managers which was run in partnership with Scouts Scotland. These events, and others to come, aim to help us understand what is coming and the rationale behind the improvements.

South East Scotland has been asked to be one of 10 early adopter regions which means we will be rolling out the changes ahead of most parts of the UK and we will be getting a bit of extra support to help us do this. We are the only region in Scotland to be part of the early adopter group, the rest are Counties/Areas south of the Border.

The graphic below gives you more details on the changes ahead, the rationale behind them, and the benefits they will create. Click on it to expand, read the content and click on further links embedded in it.

As a reminder, there are 4 key strands to the project.

Change 1: A Warmer Welcome for Everyone
This includes changes to the appointments process so that we will now have a ‘volunteer welcome conversation’ which is aimed to be less intimidating for new volunteers and will streamline the admin involved in the process.


Change 2: Positive Volunteering Everyday
This includes a move to a teams based approach to volunteering to spread the burden away from too few individuals. Flexible volunteering will be encouraged even more than it is now. Role titles will change to make it easier for those outside Scouts to understand. The term Lead Volunteer will be used instead of Commissioner.

Change 3: A More Engaging Learning Experience
The current adult training scheme will be replaced. The new scheme will be digital first, but not digital only. There will be mandatory core learning for all roles and the wood badge will become optional. Rather like how the top youth awards are optional but young people are still motivated to complete it, we know that adults will be self-motivated to engage in learning that is going to help them thrive in their role.

Change 4: Digital Support
A new membership management system will replace compass. This will be much easier for all members to use and have improved functionality.

Action needed now: Compass Clean
To help with the move to the new digital system we need your help to clean up the current data held on compass. This will include checking that your personal details are correct, making sure roles and training records are up to date and closing out of date PVG only roles. It is acknowledged that a large number of adult members don’t actively use compass so it may well be a good strategy to set aside a little bit of time at your next group or section meeting to show those not using it how to log on and update their details.

Timelines: Updated slightly
There has been a slight shift to the timelines for change. This is largely due to the significant work needing done on the new digital systems. We are currently looking to make the move over to the new digital systems in November 2023 with some of the softer, cultural changes taking place in advance of this throughout 2023.


In the meantime, the work continues to prepare for the changes ahead that are going to improve the Volunteer Experience across the Region and allow us to offer skills for life to more young people.


More details are available here.


Scott Goddard
Transformation Lead – South East Scotland Scouts

E-mail: scott.goddard@sesscouts.org.uk